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Who doesn’t need an extra power supply?  The devices we use every day suck down energy almost as fast as we can replenish it.  I’ve been testing these QQC Corp Q-Swap mobile power supplies for over a month, and really put them through their paces.  How did they fare?  Check this out. This mobile power supply comes with… Read More

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  Do you have areas of your house that have weak or no Wi-fi coverage?  Perhaps the ‘dead zones’ are due to distance, numerous walls, or the type of walls between you and your router.  Not only that but maybe there are so many people in your house requiring Wi-fi that your bandwidth is getting… Read More

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The Amazon Echo costs $179.99.  Would you like the same functionality (and then some), but save $50?  Of course!  Introducing the Lenovo Smart Assistant, featuring Amazon Alexa.  This will be released by Lenovo in May 2017, at a cost of $129.99.  Don’t want a giant black tower in the middle of your room?  The Lenovo… Read More

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Finally!  A network router that protects all of your connected devices at the START – the point of entry!  No more buying piecemeal software for every device, every year!  It does have a subscription plan; $9.99 per month, but the first year is free.  And it’s from Norton, one of the best recognized, highly-respected names… Read More

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Extra power in your hands, right when you need it?  Yes, please!  This myCharge RazorUltra 12,000 mAh portable charger delivers.  Not only is it tough, sturdy and reliable, but it looks great, too.  There are a lot of portable chargers out there, but I found that this device really delivered for me.  And it has a… Read More

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This projection alarm clock is pretty cool. It has a lot of features most radio alarm clocks have, and a few that are not so common. My favorite function on this clock, of course, is the ability to project the time onto the ceiling. I love this because I always sleep on my back, and… Read More

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This is the Brightech – DoublePlay HD Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter / Splitter. This little wonder lets you pair two wireless headphones to it, enabling both people to watch TV as long as they want, and as loud as they want, without disturbing anyone else in the house.  The Brightech BPX2 has A2DP technology, and CSR… Read More

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I’ve owned many sets of headphones in my day: Over-the-Ear, On-Ear, Earbuds, Earhook, you name it. But I am a huge fan of the Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones. They’re my go-to set for when I’m on the run. Why is that? They’re waterproof (IPX-7 rating), noise-canceling, Bluetooth 4.1, HD stereo earbuds with very… Read More

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