Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones review

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Senso Headphones 2

I’ve owned many sets of headphones in my day: Over-the-Ear, On-Ear, Earbuds, Earhook, you name it. But I am a huge fan of the Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones. They’re my go-to set for when I’m on the run. Why is that? They’re waterproof (IPX-7 rating), noise-canceling, Bluetooth 4.1, HD stereo earbuds with very light earhooks that provide stability, comfort, and confidence that your workout won’t be interrupted by an earbud falling out by accident. They sport a long-lasting battery that won’t quit for 8 hours – long enough to outlast any workout you can throw at it or a binge-watching movie marathon. 
I like them, too, because the Bluetooth 4,1 audio means there is virtually no lag between the video you see on the screen and the audio you hear in your ear. Bluetooth 3.0 headphones had that insanely disturbing half-second delay that meant your dialogue was nowhere near what was appearing on the screen. It really took the joy out of your favorite movie. Not these. You can enjoy the Bluetooth 4.1 functionality for many comfortable hours, at a distance of around 30 feet. The only thing I would change about them is their bulk. They’re a little clunky. But the trade-off between their ‘clunkiness’ vs. their fit and sound, is no contest.

So let’s talk about sound quality. That’s one of the top reasons we buy headphones, right? Sure, they’re not Bose or Klipsch, but these are no lightweights, either. The bass is true and deep, while the trebles and mid-tones are clear and crisp. They’ve got quite a kick to them, too. With CVC 6.0 noise suppression, you don’t have to worry about annoying sounds in your area distracting you from your listening pleasure. I’ve frequently used these to listen to music or videos from my laptop while my wife watches TV in the same room, with little to no sound from her shows getting through.

The Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones charge very quickly and have a built-in mic so that you can receive phone calls while listening to your favorite audio. So you don’t have to worry about missing that important call because the headphones canceled out the ringing of your phone.

The best part is that they’re now on sale on for 79% off! You can get them for $35.97 right now, instead of the MSRP of $169.99. You really can’t go wrong with these headphones.

The product for this review was purchased with my own funds. For more info visit Senso and visit Amazon to order a pair.


Product Information

  • Great sound
  • Low price
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • Long battery life
  • Secure fit
  • Noise reduction
  • Comfortable
  • Charges very fast
  • Easy to pair
  • Flat wire
  • Range/signal is not as far/strong as I'd like
  • Bulky
  • Function buttons stick sometimes

19 thoughts on “Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones review”

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  2. This review piqued my interest. Received them yesterday. These are amazing. While they are a bit bulky, they are light weight and once in place are very comfortable. The sound is as good as some of my high end earphones. Definitely a keeper. Thanks for a great review.

  3. I was loving them until they just stopped working after using them about five times. I don’t know what happened or even where to go to ask. I used them at the gym today and they worked fine, but when I tried to use them for a run they would not turn on. Just nothing. Any recommendations? Thanks. Jim

      1. Thanks, Julie. The treblab pair look a bit different, are they the same rebranded pair? The XR100 look like the centre/control button is big and round, different on the Sardonyx version. Anyway, would be great if you could compare them all, and perhaps Google will have fixed the Nexus 6p bluetooth issue by now (or maybe you have a new phone with better BT sound..) Thanks again

  4. the ear bud just wont stay in my ears while working out at the gym, the ear hooks are to flimsy and need to be firmer to hold them in my ears

  5. I bought the Senso250 earbuds for handsfree phone use. Cannot make calls out pressing the side red button. will not play music either. The red button is supposed to activate the phone, but it only redials last # with a double click. Receives calls well and sound is clear.
    But cannot make calls using the earbuds. Have to go to my phone to dial. Called Tekatron and they told me it was not compatible with Android Google phones.

    1. called no. found in my paper received with the product.
      don’t have it with me now.
      Also these do not stay on my ears like my MPOW do.
      I purchased another pair of MPOW Cheetah and they don’t fall off and sound great. All functions work with my Android Note 4 phone.

  6. This review sounds just like the information supplied by the manufacturer. But it was not my experience.

    These earbuds have okay sound. Lots of base, but not a ton of quality after that. The bluetooth is weak. You must be in direct eyesight of the source at all times or the sound will be interrupted/cutoff. You cannot keep it in your backpack and still have it play. You cannot keep it on the other side of the gym and still listen. You MIGHT be able to keep it in the side pocket of a thin jacket that you are wearing and have it still play, but if you turn your head the wrong way it will stop. At least that was my experience while the bluetooth still actually connected. After using it a handful of times will running and working out, the bluetooth will no longer connect to devices. It charges. It powers on, but does not connect. I am waiting to see how Senso sayso about how to remedy it or how to begin the warranty process. I’ll keep you informed.

    1. I think you have a defective pair. I’m really sorry to hear that! I hate hearing great reviews for a product and having to worry about getting a dud. (I would’ve bought PaMu’s TWS earbuds, except I see too many complaints about problems.)

      I have not had any of the issues that you noted, and definitely haven’t had any issues with their range/connectivity.

      I have owned these earbuds for 1.5 years now and bought a pair for my brother-in-law. Some months or maybe a year after that, my brother in law told me that he used them almost every day and that he loved them.

      I use mine a few times a week. When I do, my phone stays plugged into the wall while I walk around my apartment. I go about 25 feet away from them and never have any audio issues at all. I also use them with 2 walls in between me and the phone, and have no issues at all.

      I actually bought a Monoprice pair of BT earbuds and I thought they would be better than the cheap, Amazon best-seller (Senso), but the Monoprice ones are actually terrible (low volume, uncomfortable, and connectivity issues going through a hollow door). I’ve finally decided to replace the Monoprice ones and after doing a lot of research, it looks like I’ll be buying the upgraded Senso ones (bluetooth 5.0 now).

  7. I’ve looked at several “top rated” earbuds, and although the all say the music quality is amazing, and I’m sure they all are, non of them have the capability of sound volume adjustment, song track advancing or repeating, or receiving a phone call with a built in microphone. Non that is until I bought the Senso earbuds. They are terrific in music quality and have all of the above features. Even though the sound quality is right on,from bass response to ultra treble, and being a musician I’m really fussy about getting the best possible could, I still use an equalizer app to get even the most possible best sound. I mostly use the earbuds for the gym, and like most noisy gyms these earbuds cancel out most of it and still give me a good quality sound. Once fitted in your ear they don’t move, even when heavily sweating and on the treadmill. Some earbuds might cost over a hundred dollars, but you’re just wasting your money if you think they are better than these low priced Senso buds. I’ll never switch!

  8. I agree with reviews about sound is great, weight is bulking, need to be In sight line of device for best connection. Unfortunately just shy of a year of use mine also stopped working. They are charged and say connected but they are not actually connected to my phone and when I try to forget device and re-pair, my phone states it’s not within range of ear buds despite being 5 inches away.

  9. Love these. I’ve had a few pairs. Lost my last pair. I also often lose the buds pieces bc I wear them to bed and roll all over them. I wear out earbuds. I’ve tried many types and “bulkier” is better for me. Just googled these today bc I’m on vacation and I want to swim in them. We’ll see if they are really waterproof….

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