QQC Corp Q-SWAP mobile power review

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Who doesn’t need an extra power supply?  The devices we use every day suck down energy almost as fast as we can replenish it.  I’ve been testing these QQC Corp Q-Swap mobile power supplies for over a month, and really put them through their paces.  How did they fare?  Check this out.

This mobile power supply comes with a nice, velvety carrying case, two rechargeable batteries, a charging ‘ Q case’, and a USB charging cable.  The dimensions (in the charging case) are: 1.8 x 0.7 x 3.7 inches.  It’s very light, too, weighing in at just 5.1 ounces, which is about the weight of a deck of playing cards.  For such a small size and weight, the power capabilities are pretty good.  Each battery holds 5,200mAh, giving you a total of 10,400mAh of backup power.  It is also legal to take these on planes, as the batteries are less than 100-watt hours (38.5, to be precise), which is in alignment with International Air Transport Association regulations.  Here are the main features of the device:

  • Swap and Go.  I rather like the design and creativity of these batteries.  The Q-Case design allows you to hot-swap batteries with no issues at all.  And the USB port allows you to charge the batteries, or power your devices with ease and convenience.  The design also helps prevent cord bending and breaking, because you hold the cord against the case, making it much more stable.
  • Easy Read Display.  If you touch the battery on the corner opposite the indicator light, it will give you a green, yellow, or red LED, which tells the remaining power level in the battery.  There is a LED on each side of both batteries.
  • BAM!  No waiting for recharges.  You can use one battery to power your devices, while the charger and other battery are plugged it getting juiced up.  Once one battery dies, just pop the other battery in, charge the dead one, and you’re back in business in about 10 seconds.
  • Convenience.  As I mentioned before, the batteries are very lightweight and portable.  You can always have extra power when you need it.
  • Scalability.  Q Swap sells additional batteries separately, so you can add or subtract as many batteries as your day will require.
  • Easy swap.  The batteries are slightly angled so that they will only fit in the Q case a certain way.  This makes sure there are no mistakes or burn-outs when charging.  The case also holds the battery in via little clips on each side, so you just pop them in and out.  Also, the batteries are Panasonic, in case you were wondering.
  • Safety, reliability, security.  The charger comes with a multi-protection circuit, and automatically detects the power needs of your device and charges them accordingly (works on 1-amp devices).

Here are some more pictures of the actual batteries and the Q case.  You can see the USB charging port, the charging connectors, the little clips/divots that hold the batteries in place while in the charging unit, and the LED lights on the batteries.

Charger 2

The packaging is clear and easy to understand.



It’s elegantly designed, with simple, informative graphics and instructions.



This picture highlights the trapezoidal shape of the battery.


And this one shows how the Easy Read Display operates, where to touch, and what the colors of the LED mean.



You can see below that the device fits very well into your hand.  The first picture demonstrates part of the safety functions of the device:  The USB cord plugs into the Q case very close to the case itself, so any downward or inward force on the connector is well-mitigated.  You can also see that the USB cable has a thicker, flexible end towards the plug.  This helps the cable withstand bending and breaking better.  The cable also conveniently wraps around the device while in your hand so the cable is held securely against the Q case, making breaks less likely.




You can see below, that the Q-Swap mobile power device has completely charged my Samsung Galaxy S5 (yeah, it’s time to upgrade).  Also, please take this shot for granted.  It was not easy getting the battery and phone to stay upright like that!  Sure, it would have been simpler to take ‘looking down’ shot… but you guys deserve the best!  And I’m here to give it to you.


And yes, it can charge large devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1″.  Can you tell whether I like oceans or not?  Well, I like them NOW.  Until I was four years old, I was SEVERELY allergic to drowning.  Hehe.


OK, blah blah blah.  How well does it WORK?  So I’ve been using these batteries for about 45 days.  I mainly used them on my Galaxy S5, but also used them a few times on my Galaxy Tab S.  Typically, I would let my S5 run down to about 15% power remaining in its own battery, then I would start recharging with the Q-Swap batteries.  On average, the Q-Swap battery would fully recharge my S5 from 15% to 100% in an hour and a half.  Pretty sweet!  Comparable to having it plugged into an AC power source!  The quickest I got it from 15 to 100% was an hour and 23 minutes.  The longest it took was an hour and 38 minutes.  I estimate that this was caused by variance(s) in the level of “15%” juice left in my phone battery.  By the way, this was with the screen OFF for the vast majority of the time.  I was pretty happy with these batteries for the S5 phone.

Regarding my Galaxy Tab S 10.1 tablet, though…it has always had more staying power than my phone.  It has a physically HUGE battery – I’ve replaced it, so I know.  How did the Q-Swap’s handle the needs of the tablet?  Again, I started at 15% battery power remaining in the Tab S.  After two-and-a-half hours, one of the Q-Swaps charged it from 15% to 57%.  That’s the nice thing about having TWO instantly swappable batteries.  I popped the fully charged new battery into the Q-Case, and continued charging – again, with the screen off.  After 3 hours and 5 minutes, the second Q-Swap battery tuckered out, but it had charged my Tab S to 99%.  So, all-in-all, it took roughly five-and-a-half hours to charge the tablet from 15% to 99%, and two Q-Swaps did the job.  It’s good that the Q-Swaps get charged from an USB port faster than they can charge a device.  That way, you’re sure to always have that 2nd battery ready to go.

My overall impression of the QQC Corp Q-SWAP mobile power units is mostly positive.  I would recommend giving them a try.  They’re not “mega batteries”, like a 32,000mAh portable power supply (together, these are 10,400mAh), BUT, they’re also not as bulky either.  Here’s a picture so you can see for yourself.  Slightly smaller in width and length, but 1/8″ thicker than the deck of cards.


These would easily fit in your pocket(s) and satisfy most of your charging needs between the two.  They charge impressively fast (in my opinion) for what you get back from them.  Once one is done discharging, the other one is ready for a 3-second replacement swap.  Super easy.  Great for on-the-go power, very convenient, and you can always add additional batteries.  It has 22 reviews on Amazon, ALL of which are 5-stars.  Give them a try!  “Swap” your old portable battery supply.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by QQC Corp, and can be purchased on Amazon.


Product Information

Manufacturer:QQC Corp
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Scalability (can add more batteries)
  • Enough power to get you through your day
  • Size
  • Quick to recharge
  • Charging devices can take some time, and possible battery swaps
  • 3 pieces
  • Cost

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  2. I don’t get it, can’t you have the same charging capacity with two 5,200mAh powerbanks ? Can’t you unplug a powerbank and plug another one in less than 3 seconds ?

  3. Considering how cheap (and more compact) 5200mAh battery packs are I don’t see the point of this product. I note the amazon reviews all seem to be very similar and start-off raving about how good the packaging is.

    1. Too funny, you’re exactly right. I’m always suspicious when every single review for an item is 5 stars.

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