iPhone 5 cases and covers

I became an iPhone owner just a few weeks ago, after years of disgruntled Android usage.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that one of the key deciding factors in the switch over was the bevy of peripheral “toys” that can be added to an iPhone, including impressive case options.  I have always had my heart… Read More

When you use the Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case, you won’t need to carry a charger with you because it’s built into the case itself.  The shock-absorbent polycarbonate case protects your iPhone from bumps and shock, and the textured sides improve your grip.  All ports and controls are left open for easy use.  The front of… Read More

Element Case creates some very nicely engineered smartphone cases. I reviewed their Sector 5 iPhone case about a year ago and still consider it one of the most innovative, tech-geek stylish bumper cases I have ever seen. Their new Ronin G10 Stealth bumper case for the iPhone 5/5s looks just as cool, but in a meaner… Read More

How many of you have a smart phone? How many have some sort of protective case on it? How many of you wish that your smart phone case did more than look pretty and protect your phone? The folks at IN1 probably felt this way when they designed their IN1 case for the iPhone 5… Read More

For some reason I can never find a case for my iPhone 5 that I truly like.  The truth is, the iPhone 5 feels great in the hand, and most cases spoil the smooth, sleek design.  The Mod-3 Radius case (provided by BiteMyApple.co) protects the corners with a bare minimum of bulk.  Here’s a closer look. The… Read More

This is the third case I recently received to try with my iPhone 5 from Vaja Cases.  The Leather Grip Hardshell Case for iPhone 5 is a leather-wrapped hard backcover case.  It’s quite different from the Vaja flip-cover cases I recently review.  (Check the related links at the bottom of the review.)  This case is for the person… Read More

Vaja Cases have a reputation for beautiful, well-made leather cases and covers.  Until recently, I had never gotten to try a Vaja case for myself, and my first experience was with the beautiful Nouva Pelle case for iPhone 5.  I was also lucky enough to recently receive some other Vaja iPhone 5 cases.  Two of them… Read More

I am always searching for the perfect case for my iPhone. Every case I have tried has its perks and its drawbacks. Until now, I had yet to try one made of leather, so when CalypsoCrystal offered me the CalypsoCase Cabrio for the iPhone 5 to review, I was happy to oblige. Let’s see if… Read More

Like to go to the beach but hate worrying about your phone getting wet? InnoPocket now has the Amphibian waterproof case available for the iPhone 5. The case has a 2-in-1 design that allows it to be used as an everyday shell case, and when going to the beach, you can add the waterproof casing… Read More

  I’m a gearhead (or petrolhead, depending on your region).  I’m also an iPhone owner.  When id America produced the Gasket V8 case that combines the love for both, I had to take a look. The Gasket V8 is a snap-on cover that mimics the look of a cylinder gasket from an engine, and comes… Read More

I’ve always admired Vaja cases, but I’ve never had the chance to try one with any of my devices.  I’m an instant-gratification kinda gal, and I couldn’t stand waiting to have a case custom-made for me and the ready-to-ship cases usually were in colors that didn’t appeal to me.  Recently Vaja Cases contacted Julie about… Read More

I’ve seen “tire tread” cases for phones before, but never have I seen one with a touch of glamour.  The Diamond Case for iPhone 5 from Musubo is a “hybrid design” case.  It has a hard, glossy, translucent panel that’s been formed with a diamond pattern.  The edges are made of protective, impact-resistant TPU.  The case… Read More

I remember back in the day when the Palm V was the Cadillac of PDAs and the only worthy screen protectors were from Brando. Like PDAs, screen protectors have evolved as well, from those ‘one shot to apply’ pieces of thin plastic with adhesive on one side to specially engineered multi-layered films applied with liquid… Read More

cellhelmet started out life as a Kickstarter project last year, and they are now shipping cases for the iPhone 5 or 4/4S and the 4th- or 5th-gen iPod touch.  I received an iPhone 5 case for review.  At first glance, the cellhelmet seems like most other iPhone cases on the market – it protects the… Read More

This past December, I reviewed Element Case’s newly (at the time) released iPhone 5 aluminum bumper case, the Sector 5. While I found the Sector 5 Transformer-like and very tech-stylish, it was overall a bit extreme with too many rough edges for my taste. So, when Julie asked if I would like to review the… Read More