When a bumper case is just too much


I’m not sure I see the benefits in this case, but apparently a lot of people at Kickstarter did when they funded this project at more than 200% of the goal.  The Radius case for iPhone 5 from mod-3 takes minimalism to a new level.  It covers only the corners of the phone, with a thin X of aluminum across the back to hold the four corner pieces in place.  The designers at mod-3 say they found that the most frequent damage to their “naked” phones occurred at the corners, so they designed a case to protect only the corners.  The Radius has been completely funded, so you can no longer pledge at Kickstarter, but you can pre-order a case at the BiteMyApple website for $69.99.  It’s available in color schemes to match either the black (slate aluminum with slate, cyan, “polish”, or red corners) or the white iPhone 5 (polished aluminum with red, cyan, slate, or “polish” corners).  Shipment is expected in early March 2013.

7 thoughts on “When a bumper case is just too much”

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  2. $70 for a case that protects the corners….. hmmmmm… maybe they should change the name of the site to kickedinthehead? 🙂

    1. I actually think it looks pretty cool… But I can’t see how it can protect the iPhone. The corners would have to be thick shock absorbing plastic to do any good.

  3. The benefit is this. Most broken screens don’t come from falling flat. The break happens when the iPhone hits the ground on a corner and stresses the glass. This probably absorbs the shock from the corner, preventing a broken screen.

  4. And it does not protect against scratches on the back and the sides. It’s like getting half a case with one-third usefulness at triple the price. No thanks, though I agree that it does look pretty cool and is bound to be a conversation starter ( and the conversation ends with “That’s the dumbest case I’ve ever seen”).

  5. Looks like it would make a nice permanent kiosk, or vehicle mount. Tho I wouldn’t ever have a need for one, since I doubt I’ll ever own an iPhone. (Rabble Rabble Rabble), but it does look nice.

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