Mod-3 Radius case for iPhone 5 review

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mod 3 radius case 01
For some reason I can never find a case for my iPhone 5 that I truly like.  The truth is, the iPhone 5 feels great in the hand, and most cases spoil the smooth, sleek design.  The Mod-3 Radius case (provided by protects the corners with a bare minimum of bulk.  Here’s a closer look.

mod 3 radius case 02

The Mod-3 Radius case comes in a plain box  Nothing fancy.  That’s fine, because you’ll be mesmerized by the simple elegance of the Radius case.

mod 3 radius case 03

You’ll also find a small bag with an Allen wrench and four tiny screws.  These are spares.  That’s good, because they are TINY.

mod 3 radius case 04

The Radius, removed from box.  It’s made up of a solid “x” frame and four colored end caps.

mod 3 radius case 05

Close up of the end cap.  It’s held in with a single screw.

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mod 3 radius case 06

Underside of the Radius.

mod 3 radius case 07

There’s a tiny, almost invisible strip of plastic that lines the inside of the end cap.  It appears to be there to reduce scuffing on the corners of your iPhone 5.

mod 3 radius case 17

My first attempt at installation.  The instructions indicate to remove the bottom two, but I went ahead and removed the two side pieces because I simply didn’t know any better.  Worked just the same.  Don’t lose those screws!

mod 3 radius case 18

Each endcap is precision made to accept the end of the “X” frame.

mod 3 radius case 08

Installed!  From the front, all you see are the endcaps.

mod 3 radius case 09

mod 3 radius case 12

I noticed the “X”-frame floats above the back of the iPhone 5 just a little.  Not a big deal.

mod 3 radius case 10

mod 3 radius case 11

Closeup of the camera corner cutout.

mod 3 radius case 14

mod 3 radius case 13

The Radius raises the back slightly off the surface of the table.  It also keeps the glass face raised when placed face down.

mod 3 radius case 16

I did notice the endcaps can bend slightly away from the corners when pushed.  The “X”-frame is a little bendy, but it pops right back into place.

mod 3 radius case 15

The Mod-3 Radius case is a super-sleek, minimal way to protect your iPhone 5 while preserving the sleek modern lines and feel of a “naked” iPhone.


Product Information

  • iPhone 5
  • Sleek
  • Lightweight protection for the iPhone 5 corners
  • Comes in a few different colors
  • Frame is slightly flexible
  • The feel of a nearly naked iPhone is a little jarring

10 thoughts on “Mod-3 Radius case for iPhone 5 review”

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  2. The bending away from the corners under pressure is likely a *good* thing: it would help absorb shock, if you dropped the phone. (Assuming it doesn’t bend enough to come off, that is.)

  3. This case **WAS** a great Kickstarter idea that unfortunately has been badly mismanaged by the project team. In particular, many, many backers have never received their Radius cases, and the project team refuses to provide any updates or information. One gets the impression that once the project was funded, they took our money and ran. My advice to anyone considering this case is: BUYER, BEWARE.

    If you doubt me, feel free to browse over 700 comments from most dissatisfied backers:

  4. Don’t buy from these bullshitters!
    I am as well one of the backers, and extremely disappointed with this current situation.
    I backed the early bird. “be the first to get one” they said….but, surprise, surprise…i got nothing. It’s even more bitter when you see reviews like this, and giveaways over at tuaw.
    They fooled us, and for me they kinda destroyed my trust in kickstarter.

  5. Alec, I share your pain. That said, the Mod-3 liars have been my only bad experience on Kickstarter. Other projects have delivered on their projects as promised, often better than promised. All the more reason why it’s disappointing to see cases sent out for review while backers are stiffed.

    Mod-3, I plan to make your lives miserable!

  6. Well, I actually spent the money and bought the product from their website and never got it. Apparently I’m not the only one. $70 plus tax and shipping and they sent me an empty box. The worst customer service ever. Kept contacting them without a reply. They won’t give me my money back and they won’t send my the item I had paid for in full. What a bunch of crooks! So “a bit pricey” is quite an understatement because I paid $70 for them to ship me am empty box.

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