F1 Ultra – xTool breaks new ground with world’s first 20W fiber & 20W diode desktop engraver

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F1 Ultra 01

NEWS – xTool has recently announced their new desktop laser engraver, the F1 Ultra. The F1 Ultra is the world’s first 20W fiber and 20W diode dual laser. The dual laser expands the range of materials that can be engraved, embossed, and cut.

The F1 Ultra expands upon the already popular F1 in more ways than just more powerful laser sources. At 220x220mm, F1 Ultra has a working area that is four times larger than the original F1. The optional conveyor accessory expands the working area to 220×500, making it the largest desktop galvo laser. Galvo style lasers are often limited in the area they can engrave, so the conveyor enlarges the working space without sacrificing the concentration of laser power at the laser spot.

F1 Ultra 02 1200x675 1

An integrated camera also allows for more complex procedures such as automatically recognizing shapes and intelligently filling patterns on multiple workpieces. Most fiber lasers don’t have a camera and rely solely on a framing operation to place designs, so this will certainly be a welcome feature. The camera also provides autofocus capability (there is also a manual focus option).

F1 Ultra 04

The 20W diode power and the high speed of fiber will make quick work of almost any material like wood, acrylic, leather, and cork, which perform best with a diode laser source.

F1 Ultra 05

The 20W IR fiber laser source will deep emboss on brass, copper, wood, rocks, ceramics, plastics, and metal. The IR laser source can also do color engraving on metal, expanding the capabilities of your creativity. It can even cut metal sheets.

F1 Ultra 06

Compatible with the xTool RA2 Pro Rotary, the F1 Ultra will also engrave on cylindrical objects such as glasses, rings, and tumblers. The 3D curve engraving capability also enables engraving on curved surfaces up to 45 degrees.

F1 Ultra 03

The fully enclosed xTool F1 Ultra makes working with the invisible laser light safe, without the use of glasses. The light-filtering enclosure also makes smoke and dust extraction efficient, ensuring a safe environment for any work area or storefront use.

F1 Ultra 08

F1 Ultra 07

xTool is currently offering a Pre-sale discount from May 7th to May 28th. For a $100 refundable deposit, you receive a $1000 discount.

Original Price: $4799
Final Price: $3799
Deposit payment period: May 7th to May 28th
Final payment period: May 29th to June 12th

For more information about the xTool F1 Ultra, go to xTool.com.

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