InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera review – ever wanted to see heat?

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REVIEW – Infrared cameras, or those that can “see” or image heat, are becoming more common and less expensive.  The InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera is tiny and just pops into the USB-C port of your phone.  When paired with the companion app, it lets you create thermal images of almost anything, as well as accurately measure surface temperatures at a point, along a line, or in an area. It’s fun to take it outside at night, as you can almost see in the dark.  But the practical application of such a tool is to find the source of drafts, to find faults in wiring, to see through walls, or to identify just about anything else that could be a source or sink for heat. (I tested the Android version with a USB-C connection.  iOS versions with a lightning port are also available)

What is it?

The InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera is a tiny infrared camera that plugs into your phone.  

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What’s in the box?

  • InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera
  • Zippered Case
  • USB-C to USB-C extension
  • USB-C to Micro-USB extension
  • Stickersinfrared 11

Hardware specs

  • Lens size:  8mm
  • Resolution: 256 x 192
  • Pixel Pitch:  12 μm
  • FOV: 44.9° x 33.4°
  • Frame Rate:  25Hz
  • NETD: ≤60mK@25°C,F#1.0
  • MRTD: ≤500mK@25°C,F#1.0
  • Temp Range: -20 to +450 °C
  • Accuracy: ±2°C or ±2% of the measuring range
  • Power Consumption:  <350 mW
  • Weight: 18ginfrared 5

Design and features

The InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera is tiny. It’s basically a small plastic box with a lens on one side, and a USB-C port on the bottom.  Snap the port into your Android phone, and the app starts automatically (once you download it from the Play Store).  Thermal images begin to appear immediately. There really is no setup or configuration, which is great. The device itself has no controls other than a manual focus on the lens.  All other interactions are done through the Xtherm Infrared app.  Unfortunately, the documentation for the app is all in Chinese, so there may be additional features that I’m missing here.  But the main features of the app are the ability to take photos and video of thermal images, and to accurately measure surface temperatures.  

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There are three ways to measure temperatures – at a point, along a line, and in an area.  For the latter two, you simply draw the line or box on the screen. The minimum, maximum, and average temperatures are reported for that feature. Another feature is “picture in picture” which uses your phone’s camera to show you in visible light what you are also looking at in infrared.  This is particularly helpful if the infrared image is difficult to decipher, even if the zoom doesn’t quite line up. You also have the ability to change the color pallet, including “black and white (white is hot)” which makes everything look like an X-ray. The 25Hz refresh rate is higher than many other infrared cameras and results in very clear images and video. 

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Finally, the sensor includes a small padded case which gives you protection and portability.  Also included are two extension cables – one USB-C and one micro-USB, depending on your phone’s connection. 

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The InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera is fun to use!  It makes you feel like a superhero who can see things that mere mortals can not. And, it’s very sensitive.  Check out this video of me placing my hand on a wooden table for a few seconds, and then the heat signature that remains.

It’s pretty impressive. Here’s a photo of the roof of my shed on a warm sunny day. You can clearly see the two solar panels which are turning sunlight into electricity instead of heat.  You can also see the shadow of the power lines, and the reduction of temperature from that shadow. 

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Here’s a neat photo of my daughter sitting on the couch drinking a cup of hot tea. 

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It’s fun to go out at night and identify all the creatures that are out there, but that you can’t see.  It’s almost like having night vision. It is also great for identifying where drafts are coming from in your house when it’s cold, or where inefficiencies are in your insulation.  And it’s somewhat scary to realize how much heat is lost (or gained, depending on the season) through your windows. 

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It really is point and shoot.  Interestingly, when I plug the InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera into my MacBook Air, the laptop recognizes it as a camera!  The thermal features of the app are not available, but black and white thermal images appear! 

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 I wish the documentation was available in English, so I could be sure I was using all the features available but I think I have been able to use most. If you have a need to “see heat” this infrared sensor could be for you. It’s fun, practical, portable, and reasonably priced compared to other thermal cameras on the market. 

What I like

  • Tiny form factor
  • App is easy to use
  • Focus and range can be adjusted
  • Photos and videos appear in your phone’s native photos app

What I’d change

  • Include a manual in English 

Final thoughts

The InfiRay Xinfrared T2S+ thermal camera is a fun way to see heat.  If you have a real need to see heat, such as an electrical engineer designing and testing circuits, this could be a real asset.  If you are a home inspector or just want to see where your house might be leaking, this could really help.  If you want to see behind your walls and identify where pipes or ductwork might be, this would be a great tool. All in a tiny package and for a reasonable price. 

Price: $349.00
Where to buy: or Amazon (Use code: Gadgeteer1 for 6% off)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by

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  2. Nice detailed review here! BTW as I know before about the T2S+ thermal camera, designed for macro temps measurement, guess thats it what designed for! Looking forward to seeing it in your reviews!

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