Action Camera

GoPro has forever changed the approach to action video with their line of HERO cameras.  While the price range of $150-$400 for their latest models is a lot less than comparable professional video equipment, it can still be more than some would like to spend on this type of gadget. Other manufacturers have broken into… Read More

I wouldn’t describe my family as overly adventurous, but we do participate in our share of outdoor activities. We enjoy trips to the beach, water parks, and amusement parks. We also enjoy riding our bikes and we’re hoping to get our children into snowboarding this winter. For these reasons, I’ve been toying with the idea… Read More

The SJ6 Legend from SJCAM is a 4K camera in their arsenal of budget conscious action cameras. From the other action cameras I have reviewed, there were some that I was truly happy with in reviewing, and then there were some that left me feeling quite disappointed. There was plenty of flash but they didn’t… Read More

With so many action cameras on the market today, the only real decision you have to make is how much you want to pay. Sure, you can spend hundreds for the top of the line POV action camera but what if your budget isn’t hundreds of dollars? Well, with the MGCOOL Explorer ES I think… Read More

As you may or may not know, there is a sea of POV action cameras, aka sports cameras, out there in the market today. Some that you immediately recognize by their commonly used name and some you have never heard of. But one thing is for sure, camera makers are making their move to the… Read More

The Monster Vision 1080p+ is an action / sports camera that can capture video at 1080P resolution. I recently reviewed my first action cam (the Andoer 4K action camera) and wasn’t overly impressed. When I was offered the chance to review another camera by a well-known name, I was happy to check it out. Let’s take… Read More

Typically, the videos we capture stimulate our eyes and ears and that’s usually as far as it goes. But with cameras like the MGCOOL 360, watching videos captured with this camera can be an interactive activity rather than a passive one. MGCOOL is Elephone’s newly-established sub-brand covering sports cameras, intelligent wearable devices, and other gadgets. Their… Read More

It’s hard to believe, but I don’t think I’ve reviewed an action camera in the almost 20 years that I’ve been reviewing products on The Gadgeteer. It’s time to change that situation and I’ll be doing it with the Andoer 4K action camera (D4186B) from Ready, set, action! What is the Andoer 4K action camera… Read More

It might seem strange, but I don’t have an action cam. There have been many times where I have needed one, but for some reason, I haven’t bought one. That might change after reading about the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30. This action has all the regular features that you want in a great action camera… Read More

Now you can blend in with nature when you’re out in the woods trying to capture footage of Sasquatch or rabbits. The WASPcam 9906 CAMO is an action camera with a camo patterned case. This camera has been designed to be waterproof down to 98 feet without needing a special case. The WASPcam also features… Read More

This summer I bought my son a remote controlled car.  Soon, I thought “what if I could attach a camera to it?”  I already had GoPro cameras, but I wasn’t sure mounting them to a zippy kid’s toy that’s prone to crashing.  Fortunately, I had the chance to review the Campark Sports Camera, which boasts… Read More

The SJCAM X1000 is another affordable action camera, or POV camera, that is biting on the heels of more popular and expensive action cameras. With the x1000’s features and picture quality, this is a camera that could be an inexpensive alternative to higher-priced cameras such as the ever-popular GoPro. Right off the bat, the X1000… Read More

My first impression on the i60 from ThiEYE was that it was going to be another POV action camera. Although it is similar to other cameras on the market, the i60 has some unique features of its own that makes it stand out from the rest. The i60 has the typical rectangle matchbox shape. It… Read More

Now you can look cool when strapping on your GoPro Hero camera to capture your action shots with the SmaTree Baseball Hat for GoPro. This cap is made of soft, lightweight material (80% Acrylon & 20% Wool) and will fit all versions of the GoPro Hero cameras. The SmaTree Baseball Hat for GoPro is available in… Read More

The Monoprice MHD Sports 2.0 Wi-Fi Action Camera is another action camera out in the market today so let’s take a look at what this camera has to offer. First off, let me say that the packaging for this camera is top notch. Monoprice has done a fantastic job of packaging this product. It looks… Read More

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