The Ignite ring is made of lava rock and glows

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Although this Kickstarter project falls more into the cool factor than a gadget, the Ignite ring does fuse lava rock, a proprietary polymer and carbon fiber to a unique ring. As you can see from the picture, the Ignite has an outer hard shell (lava rock) and a glowing inner polymer ring. The lava rock in this ring is actually broken down, reformed and then shaped into the ring form. The Ignite has three versions on the Kickstarter page each with its own characteristics. The V1 is the ring with the inner glow. V2 has the inner flow and an outer glow ring of the same color. V3 lets you pick the colors of the inner glow and outer ring, they can be different from each other. I am drawn to the Ignite V3 that lets you pick the inner glow and the outer ring glow. With glow colors including white, teal, violet, orange, green and blue there is probably a color that will appeal to you. Pledges for this project start at $35 for an Ignite V1. This project runs through February 15, 2018, and if successful will ship in the April 2018 time frame.

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