Andy Chen

Former electronics technician for the FBI, current Fire Prevention Officer. Background in electronics, trained EMT, Eagle Scout/Assistant Scoutmaster and dad.

A pocket for your pocket

Need a pocket for your pocket?  Then the new Maxpedition Mini Pocket organizer might be just for you. I love Maxpedition products.  They’re utilitarian and very well made. One thing I don’t like about wearing pants with cargo pockets is that smaller items tend to move around loosely.  The Maxpedition Mini Pocket looks like the …

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A hidden camera that’s literally “plug and play”

Spy cameras hidden in teddy bears too obvious?  How about something truly ordinary? Yes, this innocent looking “wall wart” actually houses a video camera with an internal DVR that records onto a micro SD card.  It features motion detection activated recording and can record up to 32 hours on a single micro SD card. Cost …

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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Review

I love all things wireless, except when it comes to keeping them powered up.  For some reason, I’ve never latched onto the idea of wireless input devices, like mice and keyboards.  I was always worried that I’d run out of battery juice at the worst possible moment.  But a solar rechargeable keyboard?  Now this is …

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Coast Emergency Area Light Review

As a kid, I remember using those gas lanterns powered by propane or white gas.  Someone’s dad would pump up the lantern, light the fragile mantles, and a bright glow would descend upon the campground. The Emergency Area Light  from Coast Products provides an adjustable brightness like the classic gas-powered ones, but goes a few steps …

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digiZoid zo “Personal Subwoofer” Review

“Blow Your Mind.  Not Your Ears” was the tagline that caught my attention. In the 1980s, I was always seen walking between high school classes wearing my skinny ties and jeans with a portable cassette player.  At one point, in an effort to improve my listening experience, I even had a battery-operated portable 5-band graphic …

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