Got that sleek new laptop that’s missing an optical drive?  Or maybe you just need to add Blu-ray writing?  The Pawtec UltraSlim External USB 3.0 Slot-Loading BDXL 3D Blu-Ray Writer may be just the thing you need.   Technical Details USB 3.0 Plug and Play – Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and… Read More

Back in May, I posted a news item about the Newer Technology miniStack MAX.  As I said in that post, the miniStack MAX is “an external drive, SD card reader, one charging-only USB-A port, 2 USB 3.0 A ports, one USB 3.0 B port, eSATA port, 2 Firewire 800 ports, and an optical drive with… Read More

Man, I wish I hadn’t recently bought the Apple USB SuperDrive for my Mac mini.  In this “I coulda had a V-8” moment, I realize I could have added an external drive, SD card reader, one charging-only USB-A port, 2 USB 3.0 A ports, one USB 3.0 B port, eSATA port, 2 Firewire 800 ports… Read More

Until the time the iMacs start sporting an HDMI input, the Kanex XD is one of the easiest plug and play conversion solutions for using the 27″ iMac as a display for HD gaming systems and Blu-Ray playback.  It features a single HDMI input and a Mini DisplayPort out.  Simply connect your HDMI-enabled source of… Read More

While the rest of the world is busy drooling over the newest edition to the Cupertino family (see previous posts from Julie and Andy), there are, in fact, other interesting additions to our beloved world of gadgetry.  Case in point: the BDP-S770 Blu-Ray player from Sony. This isn’t your grandma’s Blu-Ray player, boasting a bevy… Read More

From today all new Samsung Blu-ray players will include the YouTube feature as standard and will also now support MKV file formats. Existing owners of Samsung Blu-ray players will be able to upgrade their device with both features via a firmware update from Customers can simply update their Samsung Blu-ray player by visiting… Read More

I’ve been using the HP Pavilion dv2 laptop off and on for about a month now. As it tends to go with most gadgets that pass through my hands, there are things that I really like about this device and then there are some things that cause me disappointment. Before we get to my ultimate… Read More

I’m a few days into my Mac vacation and so far I’ve only broke the rules once… I used my Mac / Photoshop to work up the images in this article. Gimp is nice, but I’ve been unable to figure out how to save jpgs at lower resolutions while having them still look crisp. Other… Read More

Ok friends, it’s honesty time. I have a secret to let you all in on and it’s a kinda big and I’m more than  a little ashamed to admit it. But I feel safe with you guys, so here goes… I’ve been pretty much all Mac all the time since July, 2005. I made the… Read More

Panasonic has just announced the first standalone portable Blu-Ray player. The DMP-B15 has been designed to provide the ultimate High Definition Blu-ray experience for those on the go. It features a high quality 8.9-inch WSVGA LCD screen and includes Panasonic’s VIERA CAST™ Internet accessibility and BD Live functionality, as well as a SD Memory Card… Read More

I was one of those people that picked the wrong side in the hi-def DVD format wars. I purchased an HD DVD player add-on for my XBox 360. Of course only a few months after I did, the war was over, Blu-ray won and NetFlix sent me a Dear Julie letter letting me know that… Read More