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Another Potential iRemote?

Though no official word has been made, FCC filings were recently unveiled, illustrating another potential remote control replacement for the iPhone or iPod touch. Startup company, Zelfy, filed plans for a product called “Peel.”  Images show a small IR port that connects to your wireless router.  After downloading the “Peel” app to either your iPhone… Read More

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As relentless as the e-reader trend has become, so to is our quest at the Gadgeteer to provide readers with even more ways to dress up their luxury literary devices. While the sleek, minimalist design of Amazon’s 2nd generation Kindle happens to be one of it’s most alluring features, sometimes we simply feel the urge… Read More

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Think touchscreens are cool?  What about touchskins?  Skinscreens?  However you decide to coin the term, Chris Harrison – former intern with Microsoft Research and  “Skinput” developer – wants the process of navigating personal technology *literally* in the palm of your hand. If you’re confused (or scared), here’s how “Skinput” works:  with the help of an… Read More

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Microsoft recently announced the launch of two devices from their new “Kin” line (aptly titled Kin One and Kin Two) with a hearty emphasis on social networking/sharing. Both phones are touch-screen/slider models and contain cameras (Kin One – 5 megapixel / Kin Two – 8 megapixel).  Microsoft also touts the Kin as the first in-phone… Read More

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Record-O-Clip Review

Are you tired of hearing and/or reading about Apple’s newest edition to the Cupertino family? No? Well, me either…BUT, if you’d like to divert your attention for a bit, Record-O-Clip may be an equally worthy investment! Simply put, Record-O-Clip is exactly what you think it is – a clip that records audio which is promptly… Read More

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In today’s plug-and-play, wireless, streaming, hi-definition world, it’s not uncommon to find products geared towards the fusion of technology and media.  TVs are now equipped with integrated wireless services, and, as Jay mentioned earlier this week, even the home telephone is receiving the tech-treatment.  Micca has decided to enter the digital media fray with their… Read More

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Amazon has released the long-anticipated “Kindle for Mac” app today.  The application, which is free, allows users with or without a Kindle to access the 450,000 e-books from Amazon’s Kindle Store. If you are a Kindle user, you will experience a seamless integration between your Kindle device and the application on your Mac (Intel-based machines… Read More

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Remotes – like socks – tend to venture off into a vast abyss that no mere mortal can discover…either that or we forget to check under the cushions.  You can buy all the remote control cradles you’d like, but if you would prefer to consolidate the process, you might be interested in the RedEye mini… Read More

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It’s not uncommon to keep yourself up at night as you race through the mounting “to-do” lists in your mind…but why lose sleep over it?  The Voice Interactive Personal Assistant from Hammacher Schlemmer lets you rest easy by recording and replaying up to six commands at the time of your choosing.  This voice-activated alarm clock… Read More

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Sure, your iPhone can transform into a flute, locate your favorite Gadgeteer posts, and even file your taxes… But can it really accept payments via debit/credit card?  Thanks to the creative cats behind the concept of Square, mobile transactions are now a reality.  Square is exactly what the title implies, a small, square dongle that… Read More

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Despite their stronghold in the world of email, mapping, photo-sharing, etc., Google has decided to up the ante and delve into the craze that is social-networking. Enter Google Buzz. Rather than operating as a stand-alone website, Buzz is streamlined into Gmail’s web interface.  Status updates, Picasa albums, Google Reader pages, and links to sites like… Read More

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You know what’s missing from your iPhone?  According to the team at Sega, that would be a hedgehog, dolphin, and dragon-riding dwarf.  And their remedy happens to be a new iPhone application (aptly titled the “Ultimate Genesis Collection”) that turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a virtual Sega console.  Fans of old Sega titles such as… Read More

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Single-purpose items are so 2009!  Why invest in a flashlight that merely illuminates your surroundings when you can have one wielding enough power to light matches or prepare breakfast?!  Enter the Torch Ultra-Bright Flashlight!  Billed as the most powerful consumer flashlight, the Torch Ultra-Bright Flashlight packs enough power (4100 lumens) to roast marshmallows, burn plastic… Read More

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While the rest of the world is busy drooling over the newest edition to the Cupertino family (see previous posts from Julie and Andy), there are, in fact, other interesting additions to our beloved world of gadgetry.  Case in point: the BDP-S770 Blu-Ray player from Sony. This isn’t your grandma’s Blu-Ray player, boasting a bevy… Read More

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Stocks, streaming radio, social networking…taxes?  For many iPhone users, the world is at their fingertips.  And now, thanks to the folks over at Intuit (of TurboTax fame), filing your taxes is part of that world.  The setup is simple – snap a photo of your W-2, answer a few questions, review, and e-file!  The catch? … Read More

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