Did you know that around this time every year that Microsoft gives away a selection of eBooks? Me neither, but now I know because former Gadgeteer writer Leah Gail Hallet sent me a text message this morning with a link to the giveaway page. One word: Wow! If you’re looking to build out the technical… Read More The world feels like a scary place these days, so it’s always nice when news is heartwarming rather than heart wrenching. Recently Microsoft organized a group of their store employees and a New York City children’s choir to sing a holiday song of friendship and peace in from of the 5th Avenue Apple store… Read More

Yesterday Dave Rees and I were chatting on Google Hangouts while we were watching Microsoft’s new hardware event. Microsoft announced three new Lumia Windows phones, a preview of HoloLens virtual gaming gear and a new fitness tracking band that all looked somewhat interesting to us. But, what Dave and I were most interested in was… Read More

Are you a Windows 8 user that wants their start button back, along with more improvements to the OS? If you already have tried the Windows 8.1 preview, Microsoft has finally announced that Windows 8.1 will be officially released on October 18th worldwide. It will be a free update for current Windows 8 customers, and… Read More

Did you know that if you purchase(d) a Microsoft Windows 7 notebook or desktop between  June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 then you may be eligible for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $14.99? The offer is for customers (e.g. home users, students, and enthusiasts) who purchase a qualified PC. A qualified PC is… Read More

Microsoft has its Surface Tablet with Windows RT available for pre-order on their store. In the US, pricing starts at $499 for the 32GB model without a cover going up to $699 for the 64GB model with included Black Touch Cover.  Purchased separately the  Touch Cover in white is $119.99 and the Black Type Cover is $$129.99… Read More

With Microsoft’s release of the  Surface Tablet there’s some conjecture as to whether a company best known for their software can develop and market a hardware based product. Perhaps it’s appropriate at this time to reflect on the Microsoft’s history in hardware development, especially given that it’s the 30th Anniversary of Microsoft Hardware . Microsoft has… Read More

At a press release today Microsoft  announced the Surface Tablet, Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market. The unit is made of lightweight magnesium, has a 10.6″  HD ClearType display with full size USB, 2X2 MIMO Wifi, Display Port, microSDXC, Gorilla Glass screen and a built in kickstand . Much like the Apple Smartcover, screen covers connect via magnets however there’s also the… Read More

Using a web-based interface called on{X} allows you to easily control your Android smartphone by programming “when this happens, then do that” rules using a set of Java APIs and pushing those rules down to your Android smartphone. These rules or “recipes” can then be published for other people to use, and they can be… Read More

I saw over on Engadget that the Windows 8 Developer Preview will be available for download tonight, at 8PM PST. There’s no activation and it’ll be available for 32bit and 64bit x86 processors. Of course, don’t go installing this on a computer you rely on – It’s a developer preview and bound to have unknown… Read More

See this man? His name is Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia. He has a problem– A big problem. As of now, Nokia has lost its dominance in smartphones world wide to Android. Symbian is a throwback OS and it looks like it. Nokia has no presence in the U.S., where the hottest Mobile OS lives… Read More

When I first saw that Microsoft was putting in a retail store three doors down from one of my local Apple Stores, I was betting it was going to be a ghost town within the first week/month. I was skeptical Microsoft and its partners had anywhere near the draw Apple does. But this monolithic store… Read More

Good bye, sayonara, far well, adiós, nice knowing ya Kin.  The tween/teen generation for which the Kin was targeted has spoken and they did not embrace the Kin as Microsoft had hoped.  The socially included phone is being rolled off due to lack luster sales, which may be due to the fact that it was… Read More

Microsoft recently announced the launch of two devices from their new “Kin” line (aptly titled Kin One and Kin Two) with a hearty emphasis on social networking/sharing. Both phones are touch-screen/slider models and contain cameras (Kin One – 5 megapixel / Kin Two – 8 megapixel).  Microsoft also touts the Kin as the first in-phone… Read More

Like a lot of us, I travel for work fairly often, lugging my rotator-cuff rending Lenovo T60p (with extended life battery) and its builders-grade power brick through airports and hotels.  Because of this, I am rather fanatical about accessories that can help me save time, weight and space, both on my daily grind commute and… Read More