The KIN is Fin…ished

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Good bye, sayonara, far well, adiós, nice knowing ya Kin.  The tween/teen generation for which the Kin was targeted has spoken and they did not embrace the Kin as Microsoft had hoped.  The socially included phone is being rolled off due to lack luster sales, which may be due to the fact that it was never a smart phone. The Kin did not support apps and was specially designed for social networking applications including Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.  Ultimately, even the half off price cut did not save the device from its demise.

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  2. You know, I played with this device, and I did think it was an interesting “toy”, I could not look at it as a serious phone/smart device. It did have a serious smart-phone cost and data-plan requirement. And the final thing that just drove me nuts, was the onscreen advertisements. Half the functions I played with used 2/3th of the page to advertise to me. IT was like an annoying pocket billboard that I got to pay for.

  3. Did the Kin ever started? lol….I mean I’ve read about it only recently…and now it’s dead…lol

  4. A friend of mine who accused me of an Apple fanboy, told me the Kin will be an iPhone killer. Everything about the kin is 10 times better… While I don’t know much about the Kin, I know that its lifespan is at least 10 times shorter than that of an iPhone’s.

  5. It may have been dubbed ‘The iPhone killer’, but let’s be honest, it’s a hideously designed handset…. typical Microsoft!

  6. Microsoft really needs to get itself back on target – nobody seems to have a concrete plan for the company, it’s just a bunch of loosely associated parts without a common goal.

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