Can Microsoft’s “Kin” Win?

Microsoft recently announced the launch of two devices from their new “Kin” line (aptly titled Kin One and Kin Two) with a hearty emphasis on social networking/sharing.

Both phones are touch-screen/slider models and contain cameras (Kin One – 5 megapixel / Kin Two – 8 megapixel).  Microsoft also touts the Kin as the first in-phone implementation of the Zune service, and users can stream music over the air, on the go.

According to Microsoft’s Robbie Bach, these phones are geared towards the “Lifecasters.”  If you aren’t sure what a Lifecaster is, it’s  your Facebook/MySpace friends that need to remind you of vital information such as, “I just woke up!” or “It’s sunny today!”

Both models will be available through Verizon in May.  Pricing is not yet available.

[Courtesy of CNET]

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3 thoughts on “Can Microsoft’s “Kin” Win?”

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  2. I think when the kids play with this, they are going to cream spinach. It looks slick and fun to use. Though, if MS really wants to kick this thing out the door, they are going to need a US GSM carrier.

  3. It looks interesting. The keyboard looks usable. Unfortunately, I’m Australian, and in Australia, government employees are discouraged from using social networking, so maybe it will never catch on here. It’s a pity I live in such an dim-witted country.

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