Does Your Mobile Device Accept Credit/Debit? It Does Now.

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Sure, your iPhone can transform into a flute, locate your favorite Gadgeteer posts, and even file your taxes… But can it really accept payments via debit/credit card?  Thanks to the creative cats behind the concept of Square, mobile transactions are now a reality.  Square is exactly what the title implies, a small, square dongle that plugs directly into the audio jack of your mobile device.  The steps seem simple enough – register your account through the Square website, enter the amount for the transaction, swipe the debit/credit card through the square dongle, and confirm the transaction.  Users have the option of providing their signature (via finger on the touchscreen) and entering their email address, immediately sending them a receipt for the transaction.

Mobile transactions via Square extend beyond the realm of business and allow anyone to partake in their services.  Advertise debit/credit at your next garage sale, square up a bet with someone, and eliminate your friend’s excuse for not paying you back because they “don’t have cash on them.”  Is Square a game-changer?  Would you trust these transactions?

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  2. Is this device and software PAPB / PCI-DSS compliant? I don’t see anything about that on their website (which is pretty sparse)
    If not, there’s no way to know whether your personal and credit card information is being stored locally for nefarious use later.

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