Light up your life! (And cook some eggs while you’re at it)

Single-purpose items are so 2009!  Why invest in a flashlight that merely illuminates your surroundings when you can have one wielding enough power to light matches or prepare breakfast?!  Enter the Torch Ultra-Bright Flashlight!  Billed as the most powerful consumer flashlight, the Torch Ultra-Bright Flashlight packs enough power (4100 lumens) to roast marshmallows, burn plastic, and…illuminate your surroundings!  For a mere $299 – you can be the life of the campsite!

Disclaimer: The Gadgeteer does not condone any misuse of severely powerful flashlights…please use with discretion.

[Courtesy of ThinkGeek]

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12 thoughts on “Light up your life! (And cook some eggs while you’re at it)”

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  2. One flashlight to rule them all…one flashlight to blind them. One flashlight to cook your eggs, and in the darkness find them!

  3. I wonder if you could install a solar spectrum light bulb and use it for tanning on your drive to work. That isn’t against the law yet.

  4. Jhon: Great Scott!

    Clearly I need to get this along with three of my friends and see what happens when we all cross the beam. You know, find out if it’s “bad”. 🙂

  5. Darth Vader, eat your heart out. Why hand-build a light-saber when you can just buy this bad boy that not only slices through hands, but also burns your eyeballs and strikes fear into the hearts of all egg-layers everywhere.

    Enough with the budget-busting DeathStar already. Get a few thousand of these puppies and strap them to something big and round and hey presto, instant DeathStar on a budget.

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