IPEVO USB SuperCharger review

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got more than a few USB-charged devices.  How many iDevices, smartphones, tablets, and gizmos do you have craving a nightly fill-up?  To complicate matters, larger devices (iPads, tablets) usually require a charge that’s beefier than your regular phone charger.  Enter the IPEVO USB SuperCharger to the rescue!

ipevo usb supercharger 02

As the name implies, it’s a charger… but with “supercharged” abilities.  It has four USB ports, each capable of supplying 2.1 amps of power, simultaneously.

From the IPEVO website:

  • Charge four iPads at the same time using a single wall socket
  • Great for conference rooms, classrooms, and any space with multiple iPads
  • Ideal for keeping your students’ iPads charged in 1-to-1 iPad programs
  • Maximum power output of 2.1 amps for each USB charge port – no power compromises!
  • Also works with a range of other USB devices, like iPhone, iPod and other smartphones
  • Portable size — swap between tables, offices, and classrooms

AC Input: 100~120V 50/60Hz

USB Output: 5V 2.1A x 4

L x W x H: 4.7″ x 2.4″ x 1.4″ (120 x 60 x 35 mm)

Weight: 0.74lbs (335g)

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The packaging tells you quite a bit without opening the box.

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The USB SuperCharger is about the size of a typical laptop charging “brick”.  The white cord is not detachable.

ipevo usb supercharger 08

ipevo usb supercharger 09

Rear view of the label.  Made in China.

ipevo usb supercharger 10

Closeup of the four ports.  Each one can handle 2.1A, which is enough for thirsty iPads or other tablets.

ipevo usb supercharger 11

A USB SuperCharger, Sharpie, and iPhone walk into a bar…

ipevo usb supercharger 12

At this moment, I don’t own a tablet device.  However, never at any point did the USB Supercharger break out into a sweat.

In case you’re wondering if it’s safe to charge non-tablets?  Won’t the “2.1A” blow up your tiny iPhone?  No it won’t.  The standard iPhone charger puts out 1A.  The USB SuperCharger simply provides up to 2.1A to each port if your device needs it.  The 2.1A rating simply means that port can supply all the juice your iPhone will ever need without breaking a sweat.

Know what this thing is good for?  Travel.  When I go on vacation, I usually have to pack a charger for every device.  Got an iPad?  Better make sure you pack the bigger 10W brick.  Not anymore.  One charger to rule them all.  Well, at least four devices!   In the past, I’ve noticed quite a few chargers I own have glowing red, green, or blue LEDs that mess up a perfectly dark hotel room.  Not here!  There are exactly ZERO distracting LEDs on the USB SuperCharger.  Sleep well!

The IPEVO USB SuperCharger has found a permanent home at my desk, and it will come with me on vacation.


Product Information

  • AC Input: 100~120V 50/60Hz
  • Charge up to four devices at 2.1A each
  • Cord isn't detachable

10 thoughts on “IPEVO USB SuperCharger review”

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  2. Looks like a more elegant solution to the Griffin charging station. I agree this would be great for traveling when plug are at a premium.

  3. Surprising that this is only “AC Input: 100~120V 50/60Hz”. So it is only good in the US and Canada. Can’t use on vacation anywhere else. The standard charger that comes with just about every smartphone and tablet handles 100~240V. Big miss by the manufacturer.

  4. I’d love one of these, I imagine it would be good to charge portable battery packs too, which can take whatever best A you can throw at them. That, an ipad air, couple iphones, super. Call me when its 39.99$

  5. I’ll bet it is a typo. Given the 100 minimum and both 50 and 60 Hz if it said 100-220 50/60 Hz it would read just like every other brick I have.

  6. I looked in the IPEVO site and it confirms there is NOT a high voltage version on the charger. Their data sheets say only 110 and even a question in their support forum states the same from their own support staff. I agree it’s a big miss considering it costs hardly anything to have dual voltage designed into circuits.

  7. Will this charger be usless in the uk its what im looking for but i am not sure about the power supply or maybe could purchase a converter?

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