Arkon Slim-Grip Ultra Mounts for smartphones and tablets review

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Car interiors are becoming increasingly cluttered places.  When I got my new car, I decided not to mount my phone because I could not find a spot I liked.  When I heard of the new Arkon Slim-Grip Ultra Mounts, I had to take a closer look.  Would this give me more mounting options than I thought of before?

The heart of Arkon’s smartphone/tablet mounting system is the new Slim-Grip Ultra Mount.  It extends a maximum of 7.25″ in a sleek, spring-loaded “claw”.

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arkon slimgrip 02b

Arkon packs in eight claw “fingers” of two different depths. Mix and match to find the right combination for your device.

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At rest (not under tension) the smallest grip distance is just over 4 inches.

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With the deeper “fingers”, that non-tensioned distance is about 5-1/2 inches.

Arkon sent four different mounts for different needs.  Let’s take a look at each one.

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Arkon SM614 suction cup mount

arkon slimgrip 06

The Arkon SM614 suction cup mount resembles just about every other suction cup mount you’d expect for a basic windshield mount.

arkon slimgrip 17

You get the Slim-Grip mount and fingers, an adjustable suction cup mount, adhesive disk, and instructions.

arkon slimgrip 13

At the bottom of the mount is a clear, soft plastic suction cup.

arkon slimgrip 12

The grip snaps together with this two-slotted thingy on the back. No tools required.

arkon slimgrip 11

This is the mount in full extension.  Notice I used the taller fingers on top, the shorter ones at the bottom.

arkon slimgrip 07

iPhone 5S (in case), mounted

arkon slimgrip 08

arkon slimgrip 09

arkon slimgrip 10

Since the iPhone’s top button is offset, you can move the fingers to avoid accidental presses.

arkon slimgrip 14

A closer look at the ball assembly.  Quite simple.

arkon slimgrip 15

The joint is equally simple.  That’s a metal bolt, not made of plastic.  The hinge has detents to lock into position.

arkon slimgrip 16

If you want to mount this to the dash, the included adhesive disk can help.

arkon slimgrip 18

This is the SM614 mounted in the corner windshield of my car.  Check your local laws for mounting restrictions.

arkon slimgrip 19

Arkon SM679 “sticky” mount

Next up is the Arkon SM679 sticky mount.  It’s nearly identical to the previous SM614, except the “arm” is shaped a little differently, and the suction cup is replaced by a goopy, sticky-as-anything suction cup.

arkon slimgrip 20

Left: Arkon SM614. Right: Arkon SM679 “sticky” cup

arkon slimgrip 21

Left: Arkon SM614. Right: Arkon SM679 “sticky” cup

arkon slimgrip 22

This sticky cup is ideal for surfaces that aren’t perfectly smooth-as-glass, such as most car dashboards.  Try to keep the sticky side clean (avoid dropping it on the ground or on a cat) to maximize grip.  Again, it comes with the round adhesive disk, but you probably won’t need it.  Here it is on my dashboard (not windshield), and it’s not going anywhere.

arkon slimgrip 23

Arkon SM668 Car Floor Mount

If you need something a little more “installed”, the Arkon Sm668 Car Floor Mount attaches to the floor or seat rail mount of your car with an 18″ flexible gooseneck arm.

arkon slimgrip 25

All the usual suspects, including a freakishy strong gooseneck bendy arm thing.

arkon slimgrip 26


When I mean, strong, I mean it.  You really got to give it some OOMPH to bend the thing.  It’s just rigid enough for the car environment.

arkon slimgrip 27

On the rear you’ll find the same familiar slotted mount.

arkon slimgrip 28

Two styles of feet are included.  The crow’s foot one comes attached.

arkon slimgrip 29

Installation is fairly straightforward:  Loosen your seat rail mount and slip the foot in, then tighten.

arkon slimgrip 30

Some assembly required

…except you need tools.  Not too long ago, my socket set was stolen from my garage, and I haven’t replaced them since.  (Dear Santa…)

arkon slimgrip 31

Arkon SM6HM3 extending headrest mount

Finally, Arkon has a vehicle headrest mount for your smartphone or tablet, the SM6HM3 Extending Headrest Mount.

arkon slimgrip 33

arkon slimgrip 34

arkon slimgrip 35

The heart of the setup is this clever locking and adjustable claw that “wraps” around your headrest post.  The set screw adjusts for different diameter posts.

arkon slimgrip 36

This locking tab, similar to those you’d find on a camera tripod, lets you adjust for different headrest post widths.arkon slimgrip 37

Closeup of the Slim-Grip mountarkon slimgrip 38

Once again, Arkon uses a pretty straightforward ball and socket setup for adjustability.  Note that this ball diameter is quite a bit larger than the other mounts in this review.  arkon slimgrip 40

Thankfully, Arkon’s instructions are quite simple to follow.  I went back to the garage…

arkon slimgrip 41

…and was handed another defeat.  My car does not HAVE the two-post adjustable headrest.  Lesson learned:  Check before you buy!  I may gift this to a family member who doesn’t have my kind of headrest.  Oops!

Arkon makes some great stuff.  Even if some sticky-fingered neighborhood thief makes off with your socket set or if your headrests aren’t adjustable, they’re bound to make something that suits you.  Check out the full line of Slim-Grip Ultra Mounts for yourself!

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Product Information

Price:SM614 $19.95; SM679 (sticky) $19.95; SM668 (car floor) $29.95; SM6HM3 (headrest) $34.95
  • Fits nearly all smartphones and most tablets, with or without a case.
  • Floor mount requires basic hand tool(s), headrest mount requires the two-post style.
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  • Aaron Roth December 13, 2013, 12:53 pm

    Thanks for the thorough review of our new Slim-Grip Ultra series of universal smartphone and mid-sized tablet mounts.

  • Peter December 14, 2013, 9:19 am

    Many smartphone users like to keep their phone mounted horizontally. Does this mount work effectively when turned sideways?

  • Andy Chen December 14, 2013, 12:30 pm

    Very well sideways.

  • DracoSolon December 15, 2013, 9:34 pm

    How exactly does it grip the phone? You don’t mention it being spring loaded. Are the arms bendable?

  • Andy Chen December 15, 2013, 10:09 pm

    “It extends a maximum of 7.25″ in a sleek, spring-loaded “claw”.”

  • Tss July 30, 2017, 3:24 pm

    Mine broke first time I used it. Threads stripped where the ball is held in place. Absolute junk, buyer beware!!

    • Aaron July 31, 2017, 1:02 pm

      Sorry to hear yours broke. That’s highly unusual. You can get a replacement by emailing a photo of the situation to — Arkon stands by its products and has a strong 2-year warranty on all items. Some items even have a lifetime warranty.

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