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Paying your electric bill every month is a real drag when you can get as much power as you want from the sun – for free. Ok, it’s not totally free because you need a solar panel to collect the power and they aren’t free. But if you are interested in going green, consider starting… Read More

The Port Solar Charger from XD Design is designed to stick to a window and use the sun’s rays to power your gadgets. This solar charger has a built-in battery that can be charged with a USB cable which will take about 2 hours or by sunlight which can take up to 20 hours. Yeah… Read More

Let’s face it. We are a battery operated world. With all of our electronic gadgets, like our iPads, smartphones, iPhones, MP3 players, GPS, handheld games, and tablets, they will still have to be plugged into a power source to recharge the battery that powers them. So what happens when you find yourself out camping, or fishing… Read More

One of the more common challenges a gadget junkie faces is the constant demands on power. Who among us hasn’t found themselves running low on juice with nary a power source in sight? Sure that giant yellow orb in the sky is a constant source of power, but it’s not easily accessible. The good people… Read More

Most of us Gadgeteers either spend some time daily in places with power (for sleep, if nothing else) or have battery back-up devices that we can use to recharge our devices. But sometimes, whether we’re out on a job site, or biking, or camping for long periods, we may be “off the grid” electrically, even… Read More

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, working or playing, you’ll find the Bushnell Mini SolarWrap a useful product for keeping your phone charged.  The SolarWrap is 18.25″ X 4.3″, but it rolls up into a small cylinder only 1.25″ in diameter to fit into your gear bag or pocket.  Unfurl it and hang… Read More

These days, it is impossible to conceive of life without our phones, tablets gaming and other mobile devices. And I would guess for most of us having a backup power source is a must. But what happens when you decide to go off the grid to go camping or worse yet, you end up in an area… Read More

There are a lot of solar chargers on the market, and most of them seem to require you to set them up and leave them in direct sunlight.  Those types are more useful if you have set up camp and will stay around the same place for a long while, but they aren’t so useful… Read More

The Bang Bang Solar Tent incorporates a solar charging panel so you can keep your devices charged in the great outdoors.  After all, you don’t want to rough it too much!  The 5W solar panel charges a lithium storage battery, which can then be used to charge phones, cameras, LED lights, and other low-voltage devices… Read More

Since I reviewed the Gomadic SunVolt Solar Power Station and Solar Cache High Capacity Battery Pack, I’ve often wondered what would happen if I needed to charge something more demanding, such as a laptop? Now there’s a new Kickstarter project for a neat “upgrade”:  A thin, light and powerful battery companion called the SunStash. The idea… Read More

This little device might look familiar to those of you who are active members of the Kickstarter community– WakaWaka Power originated in that forum, scoring over 800% of the project’s original funding request.  So what is this little Droid-y looking thing exactly?  This is WakaWaka Power, a portable, personal solar charging station and lamp light… Read More

The BoostSolar splash-proof solar-powered backup battery pack from Etón provides power to hand-held devices with its interchangeable, rechargeable lithium battery (5000 mAh). The BoostSolar features an LED battery charge indicator, rugged rubberized and IPX-4-rated splash-proof exterior in addition to fastener holes and straps to hook to a backpack for portability. This solar charger can be fully… Read More

The sCharger-12 USB Solar Charger from SunTactics isn’t like most solar chargers on the market.  It uses “mono-crystalline solar cells, the most efficient solar cell technology of the 21st century” instead of the plastic panels and weak solar cells used in other chargers.  It doesn’t charge up a battery, because those will quickly die after… Read More

I love to be away from the world at times. Whether I am at the beach, up in the mountains, or just hanging outside, I always have my phone with me. The thought of being ‘green’ and being able to keep my devices charged when I am out on the go made me take interest… Read More

As a child of the 70’s energy crisis, I’ve always been fascinated with alternative energy, such as solar power.  The SunVolt Power Station from Gomadic caught my eye as a possible solution to a modern problem:  How do you charge up your gadgets if you don’t have an outlet?  When Gomadic sent the Sun Volt Power… Read More

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