Wow. In a recent news item, I stated how Braven isn’t taking it easy after a string of successful portable speakers by releasing the monstrous Braven 800 – a direct competitor to Jawbone’s BigJambox speaker. It’s only been a few days, but Braven went and did it again with the Braven 855s, an identical twin… Read More

We like our tunes!  And as much as we like our personal earbuds, sometimes we don’t just want to keep the music to ourselves, we want to jam out loud or share it with the folks around us.  The Divoom Bluetune-Bean Bluetooth portable speaker and speakerphone does this in a fun, compact shape and size. … Read More

The MuseMini DBoom speaker features NFC, an emerging trend that we’re starting to see in small portable speakers.  NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is built into most newer Android phones. NFC allows for quicker Bluetooth connections between the phone and the speaker. Instead of going into your Bluetooth settings, scanning for devices, pairing… Read More

This post brought to you by Bang & Olufsen. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you ever think about what you’d do if you suddenly came into a lot of money?  I do.  I’d buy my mid-century modern dream house, order a bunch of Knoll furniture, and call Bang & Olufsen to equip my house for… Read More

Now you can take your gadgets into the bathroom with the ShowerTunes Shower Curtain / Liner. The curtain features a built in waterproof speaker system and a special play-through/see-through pouch to place your smartphone or tablet. Watch and listen to music while you shower, or take a call while you soak in the tub. The… Read More

Talk about turning swords (in this case, bullets) into plowshares; the thodio A-BOX .50 cal Ammo Can BoomBox heavy edition has to be one of the most unusual and ingenious speaker conversions I’ve seen lately. Just look at the thing: It’s an authentic steel ammo box that has been converted into a powerful, handmade boombox… Read More

The popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers is pretty obvious if you’ve been keeping track of all the reviews we’ve been doing for the past year or two. Guess what? We have another one for you today. It’s the S113BT from Arctic. What makes this speaker any different from all the others on the market? This… Read More

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, which one is more important to you, big sound or portability? If you answered portability, I think you may be interested in learning more about the Bluetune-Bean from Divoom. This is a small Bluetooth speaker with a carabiner loop that can be used to attach it to your belt… Read More

There’s a new speaker company in town and they’re nude. Boy, that was easy to write! Seriously, NudeAudio is a recent player in an almost over-crowded portable speaker market. One way they are trying to be noticed – besides their name – is to make speakers that look like no other, which is understandable because… Read More

Last year, The Gadgeteer reviewed the beautiful and innovative Geneva Model S. Nothing looked like it (or still looks like it) and the motorized dock was a conversation starter. However, that was so then and this is now. Once the iPhone 5 and new iPad ditched the 30-pin connector, the days of speakers with docks… Read More

The latest Bluetooth speaker to show up on my doorstep is the Minx Go Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge Audio. I’ve been using it for a few days and so far it’s been a winner in both sound and battery life. It’s more expensive than some of the other speakers that I’ve looked at recently (see related… Read More

Ok kiddies, it’s time to put on your Martha Stewart apron and bust out some scissors, glue and construction paper so you can make this cool (and free) sound amplifying dock for your smartphone. Consider this as an upgrade to the DIY Styrofoam Cup Sound Amplifier idea that we brought you a few weeks ago… Read More

Gadgeteer reader Gary Henderson sent in a great tip for anyone who wants to increase the volume on their tablet without spending money on portable speakers or other accessories. All you need is a simple paper, plastic or Styrofoam cup and a pair of scissors or a knife. Cut a slot in the cup and… Read More

A few weeks ago Steve reviewed the Kinivo BTX450 Bluetooth Speaker and gave it a thumbs up. Today I’m going to tell you about another Bluetooth speaker from Kinivo. The BTX350 is physically smaller with a smaller price tag to match. But how does it sound? That’s the $39.95 question. Let’s take a look. Note: Images… Read More

Are you shopping for a portable speaker for your favorite Bluetooth enabled device? Take a look at iHome. They have a large variety of speakers, so if you can’t find something there, you probably don’t know what you want. They recently sent me the funky looking iBT4 wireless Bluetooth speaker which I’ve been testing for a couple weeks… Read More