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I have just had the opportunity to review a second Burkley case. That’s an unusually generous offer from the Burkley folks, and there is a paragraph later, for those who are interested, about why that should be. How do I like it? How does it fit the iPhone 6s? Let’s see. A colleague of mine who… Read More

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I learned in the Microsoft world that connections and drivers and CODECs were the worst part of this brave new world. Plug and Play was an improvement, but it always seemed like I couldn’t upgrade my equipment until I’d forgotten about that tech and was now behind a different generation or two. Then I moved into… Read More

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I’m pretty much a minimalist, grateful for pockets so I don’t have to carry a bag every day. But for the last month, I’ve been using the MOS Charging Backpack. Have I become a convert to having it with me always? It is especially targeted to travelers with multiple devices. Will I use it next… Read More

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I love leather.  Whenever I am strolling and shopping as a tourist, I always stop in leather shops.  So when I had the chance to spend some time with a Burkley Leather case for my brand new iPad Pro 9.7, I quickly volunteered.  A week later, I “woke up” and discovered I really wanted only a one night stand… Read More

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For a gadget geek, I’m surprised to say I’ve never used a car mount for my phone. Eighteen years in two Miatas, there has always been enough of a shelf space around the gear shift to set it down on. And holding the phone always seemed a good enough solution. But as a new reviewer… Read More

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My mother complained that when she was a child a hundred years ago (literally), her parents brought totally crisped toast from the kitchen with a pat of frozen butter sitting in the middle. I don’t remember how she solved it when we were kids, but soft margarine must have seemed a wonderful advance to her… Read More

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To case or not to case, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the dangers of outrageous clumsiness, or to cover the beauteous iPhone and by opposing the dangers end them. (Too much?) I really enjoy the beautiful design of iPhones, I hate to hide their elegance, and I’m careful… Read More

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It’s difficult.  We see high quality photographs of small objects all the time in tv and print ads. But when we try to use our smartphone to take a picture that looks like that it doesn’t work.  We’re trying to get something sold on eBay, so we have to have pictures.  Getting the object is easy enough, but it… Read More

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SubPac M2 – Wearable Woofer

The DJ chased me out of the room.  I belong to a professional group that meets twice a year and always has a Saturday night Dance, and EVERYBODY dances!  It’s almost always a live band and the energy between the band and the dancers crowded onto the dance floor is amazing.  Most recently, the Event Committee… Read More

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If I carried a purse, I think my phone would never be charged.  I’d put the bag down and forget to take out the phone, plug it in, etc. Everpurse has solved that problem!  You know that one spot at home or work where you always place your bag? With Everpurse, that special place now keeps you… Read More

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For all the people who enjoy Monopoly, but suspect that your banker sometimes cheats, Hasbro’s newest edition, Monopoly Ultimate Banking is coming to the rescue. It will have an ATM that tracks each financial transaction in the game. Playing the game is as before, but each player has a debit card. All money transactions are scanned on the… Read More

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Self parking chairs?

Nissan has developed chairs that return to their parking spot. Clap once and all the chairs around the boardroom table move themselves back into perfect alignment, ready for the next meeting. In an open office, clap again and all the desk chairs are neater than the desks. The bases of the chairs have batteries, motors… Read More

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