Being someone who prefers utility to fashion, I have used the same purse for over a year. My go-to purse is big enough to fit my iPhone 6S Plus, money, cards, and my keys. Therefore, it’s not a very big purse. The Abby iPhone purse by Peralta Bags (a spin-off line of women’s bags from… Read More

If I carried a purse, I think my phone would never be charged.  I’d put the bag down and forget to take out the phone, plug it in, etc. Everpurse has solved that problem!  You know that one spot at home or work where you always place your bag? With Everpurse, that special place now keeps you… Read More

You carry a tablet, phone, cables, chargers, backup battery, and EDC things like a wallet and keys.  You don’t want to use a huge gear bag to carry your things, and you want a stylish handbag instead of something more utilitarian.  If these things describe you, The Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag might be what you’re… Read More

Do you remember the Everpurse iPhone charging clutch purse and handbags that we have covered here (see related links below) in the past? The company behind those products has just introduced the Everpurse Mini charging hard-shell wallet. The Mini can charge your iPhone 5/5S from zero to 100% three times. The iPhone docks right on… Read More

Boys, you can skip this one, it’s just for the girls. Girls, you know that carrying around a heavy purse when all you really need is your wallet, can be a pain – literally. The Wallet Wand is just the magic you need to lighten the load without breaking the bank. Take your existing checkbook… Read More

I am definitely one of those people who just throws my bag onto the seat next to me in my car and then acts shocked when it goes flying off at any sharp turn or stop.  It’s also a well-known fact that if I’m transporting take out and if there’s a liquid, it’ll end up… Read More

Here’s a bag for all those cyclists out there who need to carry some gadgets but don’t like backpacks, messengers, or saddlebags. The F60 Joan from Freitag measures in at 350 X 120 X 180mm (8.13 X 4.7 X 7.1 inches) and has a 4 litre capacity. Using hideable Velcro straps, it converts quickly and easily from a large… Read More

When I think of Tom Bihn bags, I think of laptop and gear bags.  There are several Tom Bihn bags in my house, including an 8 or 9 year old Empire Builder that has been used every day since its purchase and still looks almost like new.  I don’t typically think of knitting or purses… Read More

I recently passed my four year anniversary with The Gadgeteer. During those years I have written over three hundred reviews, and I have purchased over fifteen PDAs, two Laptop computers, three desktop computers as well as countless other gadgets and accessories. I have made many trips to consumer trade shows, private press events, and enthusiast… Read More