SubPac M2 – Wearable Woofer

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The DJ chased me out of the room.  I belong to a professional group that meets twice a year and always has a Saturday night Dance, and EVERYBODY dances!  It’s almost always a live band and the energy between the band and the dancers crowded onto the dance floor is amazing.  Most recently, the Event Committee decided to hire a DJ.  By the second song, I couldn’t tolerate the pounding bass — it way overpowered the rest of the music — and I fled the room.The next morning in the “Closing Experience” there was a good bit of kvetching about the DJ. (I was relieved that I was not the only one who fled the room.)  But others loved the DJ!  Seventy danced as far past midnight as he was willing to go. (Oh.  So maybe I am just old!) 

The real problem? The DJ was standing behind his own speakers, and he couldn’t tell how loud the bass was for the dancers!

The solution may be the SubPac M2 Mobile Personal Tactile Audio, a noiseless, wearable woofer. You strap it on like a backpack and it provides accurate bass response from 5hz to 130hz.  You feel the audio as pressure against your body.  It would have allowed the DJ to feel club level/intense bass without noise complaints. It “takes the guesswork out of mixing the low end by connecting you directly to bass. The room you are in and how it affects the bass response is no longer an issue.” It weighs 4 pounds with the battery and lasts for 8+ hours. And there is a version, the S2, that you strap to the back of your chair for more permanent installations.

The SubPac is also amazing for gaming and VR!  The high fidelity and ease of plug-and-play adds the physical dimension of sound to games and VR, immersing you like never before. Experience storytelling, emotion and audio in a visceral way and feel like you’re truly there. Feel your surroundings, like the footsteps of an adversary approaching from behind you. Physically feel the thrill of every explosion, every match and every adventure in a way never before possible.

And it oughta be amazing for all true bass lovers, maybe especially for drivers where there is a noise ordinance.  Maybe it could bring peace between teens and parents! The SubPac M2 is priced at $399 and the S2 is $379. Visit SubPac for more info.

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