Burkley Snap-On Credit Card Slot iPhone 6s case review

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2 back burkley iPhoto 6 snapwallet back

I have just had the opportunity to review a second Burkley case. That’s an unusually generous offer from the Burkley folks, and there is a paragraph later, for those who are interested, about why that should be. How do I like it? How does it fit the iPhone 6s? Let’s see.

A colleague of mine who keeps many plates spinning at the same time checks her phone frequently, so I was frequently forced to notice she had a case with her credit cards attached to the back of her phone. Since Burkley makes one and I’m a minimalist, that was my choice of style. For color, I chose a rustic looking brown. They call it “Antique Coffee Leather.”

As you can see, the embossed logo is attractive without being ostentatious. The stitching around the two credit card slots is well done, and a bit of protective lining for the cards is evident. In use, the phone is very well held, leaving me with zero concern of disconnect. Yet the case is easy to remove for using the phone naked. A simple push with two thumbs releases the grip of the plastic interior material and the phone can be easily slipped out of the case.

The inside of the case is also well finished in a plastic that feels a bit like suede leather. The full name is stamped in gold.
3 insideBurkley iPhone 6 snap wallet

The rounded corners for each of the switch cutouts are evident. A close look suggests that the case provides a lip to protect the screen when the phone is placed face down on a flat surface.

4 w phoneBurkley_iPhone_case_5318

The following two pictures illustrate the cutouts for the bottom and top of the iPhone 6s. Again, a close look verifies that while the lip is quite small, it is enough to protect the screen.

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7a bottom Burkley_iPhone_case_5334

A matching cut out for the top of the phone.

7b top Burkley_iPhone_case_5335

One of the joys of natural materials is that they begin to show the impact of their interactions with us humans. This next photo illustrates how my case darkened over three months time with constant use.

5c wo cards Burkley_iPhone_case_5327

The case easily holds two cards. And they are easily removed. After a few days of break in time, thumb pressure has been enough to slide a card right out, but the grip of the case is strong enough that cards will not come out on their own.  And in fact, the case easily holds three cards. My Drivers License is hiding behind the Visa card, since I’m way, way past the point of being carded!

5 w cards Burkley_iPhone_case_5324

I have now become quite a fan of the Burkley case, and highly recommend them.  I’m just as happy with this case as I was the first one.

Why review a second case? Several months ago, I bought an iPad Pro 9.7 and the Pencil. The next day I was given the opportunity to review a Burkley case. Not surprisingly, I chose a beautiful case for my new iPad, which also fits an iPad Air 2. Over the first few days, as I got used to the Pro, I realized that a long-cherished dream had motivated my purchase. I’m an inveterate note taker, and as a psychotherapist, I did that all day long. As a gadget geek, I had long hoped the digital revolution would equal and even surpass pen and paper. I practiced enough so the gadgetry would not distract my attention from the people in pain before me. When the session was concluded and I turned my attention back to the iPad Pro & Pencil combination, it had worked perfectly, and my reaction was, “So what?” But I would have happily paid $200 for the opportunity, but not the $1,000 I did. So I returned it.

The point of the story is that the next day, my new case from Burkley arrived for review. I was happy to describe its beauty and quality craftsmanship but felt guilty that I couldn’t confirm how well it held the iPad.  We asked them if we could return the case and try again with an iPhone. They simply sent the second case. A generous attitude.

Source: The sample for this interview was provided by Burkley and can be purchased directly from their site


Product Information

Price:Normally $46.99, now on sale for $39.99
Manufacturer:Burkley Strong Leather
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Beautiful leather
  • Perfect fit
  • None

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