I really like the look of the new Desk Shelf System from Grovemade who is known for their accessories made of wood. This new shelf elevates up to two monitors and accessories above the main work surface of your desk to add extra space above and below. The Desk Shelf System is available in walnut… Read More

If you work in a corporate setting, you know what it’s like to attend meetings where some invitees opt to call into the meeting instead of attending in person. Speakerphones can often be confusing to use or just not work at all. Pioneer and Onkyo have introduced a pocket-sized solution that will allow you to… Read More

Throughout most of recorded history, a pointed staff has been the preferred method of directing an audience’s attention towards an item displayed during a presentation. A significant advancement came in the 1980’s with the advent of the laser pointer, which allowed presenters to identify specific items on large screens from great distances.  These days, in… Read More

You’ve probably heard the quote from poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said: “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. That quote made me think about everyday objects that I use and how they can be improved. Take Post-it notes for example. I have a pad of them on… Read More

That’s desk top and not desktop. As in the top of your desk and not your computer’s home screen. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get back to the news… Pad & Quill is celebrating 7 years in business by offering 25% off their some of their most popular products. Brian Holmes sent… Read More

Spring is here! The flowers are budding and the birds are singing. Unfortunately its also tax season, and time to clean out that mountain of forms, papers and receipts you have been hoarding all winter long! We like to have a paper shredder here in the House of Bob, but our last shredder met a horrible end due… Read More

Stationery nerds and people who need to draw precise lines will love the Incra RULE12 ruler. This 12-inch stainless steel ruler features marking holes and slots at every 1/16″, 1/32″ and 1/64″ inch so you can easily scribe a line exactly where you want it without guessing or squinting. The ruler’s holes and slots are… Read More

Meet Joan, she’s your digital room assistant. The Joan Meeting Room Assistant is actually a digital door label that uses e-paper (like the Amazon Kindle ereader) to post room reservation info outside an office meeting room. Joan links with your calendar so you when you schedule a meeting in a certain room Joan will display… Read More

Have you ever stapled anything only to pierce your finger on the misshapen staple? Perhaps you’ve experienced a staple snagging a favorite shirt. Or maybe you’re frustrated with having to fix a jammed stapler or having to refill it. It’s time to consider purchasing a stapleless stapler like the Kokuyo Harinacs Japanese Stapleless Stapler. This gadget… Read More

Self parking chairs?

Nissan has developed chairs that return to their parking spot. Clap once and all the chairs around the boardroom table move themselves back into perfect alignment, ready for the next meeting. In an open office, clap again and all the desk chairs are neater than the desks. The bases of the chairs have batteries, motors… Read More

With most office jobs these days you tend to sit for many hours on end, which is not great for your body.  Sit-stand desks are becoming very popular, and many of them are becoming affordable for the home and office.  I recently got the chance to review the Winston Sit-Stand Workstation, which comes in a… Read More

Hey everyone, welcome to my desk this time!  My room – er, I mean, office – has way more gadgets in it than these couple of photos show. I figure I’d stick to my main space to keep it short and sweet.  My main desktop is my trusty 27″ iMac from mid-2010. Over the holidays… Read More

What does my desk look like?  I was afraid someone was going to ask!  There it is, in all it’s unvarnished glory.  Let me take you on a tour. (Click on any image for a full size photo.) The centerpiece is, of course, a 27″ Apple iMac (late 2009). From left to right (in no particular… Read More

My first computer was given to me in 9th grade, which was a laptop running Windows 98. Before that, we had rented a computer for word processing from a Nebraska agency, which ran Windows 95 and had a dot matrix printer along with it. Being one of the relatively young Gadgeteers, you may laugh at… Read More

When asked to participate in this series I was reluctant, actually I am reluctant, mainly because my writing area has been declared a mess by certain individuals in my household.  But then again, I subscribe to the old saying that “if a cluttered desk is evidence of a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk… Read More