Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand review – So good, I don’t think about it

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REVIEW – Let’s talk ergonomics. Since working from home full-time for three years, I’ve acquired a Flexispot Odin standing desk and an X-Chair office chair—both made to improve my posture and help me lead a healthier life. Yet, something was missing. I discovered that my main monitor—The Huion 4K Kamvas pen display—sat on the desktop at an angle made for drawing on the screen with a stylus. What it’s not made for is neck comfort. Looking downward at the screen puts a strain on the back of my neck, which is where the Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand comes in. This wonder of a shelf may—or may not—be designed for neck pain, but it’s certainly helped my daily pains resulting from sitting all day.

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What is it?

The Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand is a simply-designed shelf that sits on a desktop. It can serve many functions—one of them as a monitor support. In my case, it raised the Huion pen display about 4.25 in., which causes me to look almost straight ahead rather than at a downward angle—and I can still draw on the screen.

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The desk shelf is customizable. Each shelf is made to order so width, length, wood, and base color can be decided. The size range is fairly extensive. Length can be from 23.6 in. – 55.1 in. Width ranges from 9.1 in. – 11.4 in. Unfortunately, the height is unchangeable at 4.25 in. (including the shelf). The base is electrostatic powdered steel that comes in black or white. Portuguese cork is used at the base ensuring a non-slip grip.

The shelf is either solid walnut or oak or a walnut or oak veneer over plywood—a less expensive option. Pricing ranges—from $130 to $340, depending on size and material used.

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The stand screws into the wood shelf with pre-drilled holes. Screws and an Allen wrench are supplied.

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  • Shelf material: Oak, walnut, oak veneer, walnut veneer
  • Powder-coated steel stand
  • Screws and Allen wrench

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Design and features

The Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand is a simple, screw-it-together piece that can be set up and forgotten. I’ve had my black shelf for a month and it’s already become a fixture in my daily work day. Not only is my monitor/pen display raised to a proper level, I’ve also gained some real estate under the shelf. I store my glasses, post-it notepads, pens, and all kinds of junk valuable tools that would otherwise be scattered all over my desk. Even though the desk is large, I use three monitors, so I appreciate the extra gained space.

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Assembling the desk shelf took all of 5 minutes. Instructions are included but weren’t needed. It was that easy. The desk comes straight from Poland. There’s real European craftsmanship on the shelf.

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Once assembled, all that needs to be done is finding where to place it on a desk. Truly, the most difficult part of the process is measuring beforehand for ordering and where to place the shelf.

I chose the black oak shelf with black legs which blends in perfectly with my black desk—even if it does make for difficult photography!

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My one complaint with the Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand is that there are no height choices for the stand. If I could have an extra .5 in. added to the height, my new MacStudio would neatly fit underneath. Note that any Mac Mini will easily fit.

Oakywood supplies many desk shelf accessories as well as other products for organizing workspaces.

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What I like

  • Custom made
  • Good choices of woods depending on budget
  • Solid build
  • Can help with ergonomics
  • Available accessories

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What I’d change

  • Add a choice of stand height
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

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I’ve been using the Oakywood Desk Shelf Dual Monitor Stand for a month now and it’s become part of my daily routine. So much so, that I barely think about it. All things considered, that’s about the best compliment I can give it.

Price: $130-$340 – depending on size and materials.
Where to buy: Oakywood and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Oakywood.

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