OdinLake Ergo MAX747 chair review – Have a seat!

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REVIEW – I’ve had the same chair since 2020, when everyone worked from home. The fabric seat is stained from sweat during the summer months, and there’s no headrest. Enter the OdinLake Ergo MAX747, adorned with mesh surfaces and adjustability. Have a seat, and read on!

What is it?

The OdinLake Ergo MAX747 is a office chair with adjustable backrest height, lumbar support, armrests, headrest and seat depth. It’s built upon an aluminum allow frame on swiveling casters.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 02

Tech specs

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Material: FlexBreath Mesh
Headrest: up, down, rotation adjustment
Backrest: 5 levels of up and down adjustment
Backrest tilt range: 90° – 135°
Armrest height: 25.8″ – 32.7″
Seat: 2″ forwards and backwards
Caster: 2.5 inches
Leg rest optional (not included)


Design and features

The OdinLake Ergo MAX747 chair is all about adjustability. One lever on the side allows the seat to move back and forth 2 inches. Another raises the seat. A third enables the back to tilt.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 15

What’s less obvious is the back adjustment. There’s a lower lumbar support adjustment, and the entire seat back has 5 levels of height adjustment.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 16

Assembly, Installation, Setup

The OdinLake Ergo MAX747 chair came in an enormous box. Everything you need, including a hex wrench, screws and gloves are included. I’m not sure why you would need gloves unless you want to keep the shiny aluminum frame clean.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 03

The instructions were clear, and the hardest part was reaching in places to turn the bolts.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 04

The headrest simply sides in at the top.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 05

On the right side of the chair are levers for front-back seat adjustment (2 inches) and height. A knob controls recline tension. A lever on the left enables the seat back tilt.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 07

I measured a seat height of approximately 19-1/2″ to 23-1/2″ off the ground.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 10

I verified the 2 inches of seat front and back adjustment.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 08

The included casters measure 2-1/2″ in diameter.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 06

The lower lumbar support can be adjusted with this lever. It slides up and down to push the support in and out.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 09

The armrests pivot, slide, and raise/lower. The height adjustment can be changed as much as 3 inches.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 12

One feature I nearly missed is the 5-position back adjustment. The entire back assembly can be pulled up. To return to the lower position, simply pull to the highest point to reset.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 11

The tilt range is listed as 90 degrees to 135 degrees. Here’s my son with a demonstration For reference, he is 5 foot 4 inches.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 13

The OdinLake Ergo MAX747 chair has one more surprise that I did not notice: An integrated hanger! A perfect place to hang your jacket, purse, etc.

OdinLake Ergo MAX 747 14


Decades ago, I had a fancy Herman Miller Aeron chair with its famous mesh seating surfaces. However, the Aeron was hard where the mesh met the frame under your thighs. The OdinLake Ergo MAX747 doesn’t have this problem. I really like the headrest, so I can finally relax when reclining. I didn’t get the optional footrest, but that’s OK because my desk layout wouldn’t accommodate the attachment.

What I like about the OdinLake Ergo MAX747

  • The polished aluminum frame and black mesh looks really cool.
  • So much adjustability!
  • The rear coat hanger!

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a highly adjustable chair that looks great, pull up the OdinLake Ergo MAX747 and have a seat.

Price: $899
Where to buy: OdinLake (Save 12% with code: GADGETEER12)
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by OdinLake. OdinLake did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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