A bang for your buck

Talk about turning swords (in this case, bullets) into plowshares; the thodio A-BOX .50 cal Ammo Can BoomBox heavy edition has to be one of the most unusual and ingenious speaker conversions I’ve seen lately. Just look at the thing: It’s an authentic steel ammo box that has been converted into a powerful, handmade boombox designed to be bumped, dropped and generally abused like a … well, an ammo box in battle. 15.2 lbs. of specs are as tough as the exterior: 4-inch coaxial kevlar speakers with softdome tweeter, 12-hour battery, bass reflex port, an internal dock for ipods, (with the lid open), AUX port and two 100-watt audiophile-grade amplifiers which could blast tunes out to your family’s backyard battlefield. APTx Bluetooth and a guitar amp module are available as extra cost options. This large (11.8 x 6.1 x 7.7 inches L x W x H) boombox will be noticed wherever it’s taken. The A-BOX sells for $460 without options and a less powerful version is available for $429. Both are available now.

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