Nativ Vita: The next Sonos killer?


Move over Sonos. Nativsound has a new indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that is currently seeking funding for the Nativ Vita to provide a viable alternative to multi-room home sound systems like Sonos. Think of it like Sonos+ where there are many additional input and output options to choose from. Integrating all of your music from the most popular music services like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, Nativ Vita also has the ability to output video via Airplay and Googlecast in high resolution to your TV. Taking a page from Apple, the stunning high resolution 11.6″ touch screen is attractive and very intuitive. Add in 2 – 4 TB (That’s TERRA-bytes) of storage and you have an all-in-one solution where you can store all of your audio and video media with easy access. If you purchase the optional Nativ Wave digital to analog converter, you can add additional output options like an A/V receiver. Pledges start at $1099 for the 2 TB version and $1199 for the 4 TB version of the Vita. For more info visit and the indiegogo project page to pre-order. The campaign has already surpassed their funding goal of $100,000, so devices should ship by October.

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