Wrap sound around your smartphone or tablet with the FAVI Boomerang Bluetooth Speaker with NFC

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If you’ve been shopping for a portable Bluetooth speaker but just can’t pick one because they all seem to look alike (AKA boring), check out the Boomerang Bluetooth Speaker from FAVI. There are two models of this unique U shaped speaker that can double as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. The regular Boomerang is 7.83 x 8.2 x 2 inches and can expand 2 to 2 ½ inches to accommodate the iPad and iPad Mini and other tablets, as well as smartphones when positioned horizontally. The mini Boomerang is 5.91 x 6.12 x 1.49 inches and expands 1 to 1 ½ inches to accommodate smartphones such as iPhone and Android as well as the iPad and iPad Mini when positioned vertically. Both speakers offer 10hrs of battery life per charge and have NFC for easy pairing with your favorite device. The tri-fold design also allows the speaker to fold for easy storage. Available in white, black or yellow, the Boomerang is available for $59.99 and $79.00 for the mini and regular sized version respectively.

4 thoughts on “Wrap sound around your smartphone or tablet with the FAVI Boomerang Bluetooth Speaker with NFC”

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  2. looks like a pretty cool product…. two questions: will it fit an iPhone with a case on it? – say like a mophie? and is that device something that one could carry the phone or iPad around with, too??? thanks… joel

  3. oh, julie, thanks so much for the reply… sorry, i wasn’t clear enough on my question, but what i meant was, can the boomerang be used as a carrying handle for the iPhone or iPad when it’s on it??? i can’t tell if the grip is strong enough for such a use…. thanks….. joel

    julie then replied:
    I don’t have the speaker but my guess is that no, it will not function as a handle. It just flexes open to hold the device upright, but I doubt the pressure is enough to allow you it to be used to transport the device. Cool idea though :o)

    to which joel now notes:
    i have the speck handyshell for all my iPad devices and that carry case handle is just wonderful – versatile, convenient, handy!!!! (http://www.speckproducts.com/tablet-ipad-cases/ipad-mini/handyshell-for-ipad-mini.html) i hope they soon come out with the iPad air and the new mini-retina versions…

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