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Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: by David Lection Last date revised: 03/25/99 Just when you thought handheld gaming was just about dead… Well Tiger Electronics didn’t think so, in fact the Tiger is hungry and it wants to eat Nintendo’s dinner in the up for grab handheld game market! Tiger has introduced the … Review Read More

Versid Temperature Acquisition Module Review

Program Requirements: Device: PalmPilot Professional, IBM WorkPad, or Palm III 150 K free RAM Desktop: Windows 95 or NT 4.0   For years, if you wanted to develop thermal profiles you could break out the old FLUKE thermometer, take your readings, and download them to your laptop. But now you can use the Versid Temperature …

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Kugigi (Virtual Pet) Review

Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: KuGiGi Super Frog (Virtual Pet) by Julie Strietelmeier Last date revised: 03/25/99 KuGiGi Super Frog is a virtual pet available from the Adam’s Apple Communications Group. Like most Tamagotchi type toys, you must feed, play, and clean up after your virtual friend. What sets this toy apart from the others …

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Visionary 2000 Review

Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: Visionary 2000 Clear Flip Cover by Julie Strietelmeier Last date revised: 03/25/99 Accessories for the PalmPilot seem to be popping up all over the place and one of the latest is the Visionary 2000 Clear Flip Cover. This is not a case for the Pilot, but a screen protector. It …

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MazeCraze Review

Program Requirements: Device: Compatible with SH3 and MIPS Palm size PCs. Needs 98k of RAM. Feeling nostalgic for the days when you would cut class, run down to the arcade and feed the coin-ops your allowance in quarters? Remember playing those great games like Centipede, DigDug and PacMan?  If so, MazeCraze for the PSPC by …

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Quicksheet 3.0 Review

Quicksheet by Cutting Edge Software is a powerful spreadsheet package for the PalmPilot. The software and manual come on a CD. The Microsoft Word formatted user manual (which can be viewed or printed) is clearly written and illustrated. Installing the included software on a PC is quick and easy. Installing the .prc file on to …

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eCam Review

Program Requirements: Desktop: Windows 95 System Configuration: Pentium 75mhz or faster Bi-directional Parallel Port, (ECP for optimal performance) 16MB RAM min. Sound card, microphone, speakers. Enough free disk space to store your videos. The eCam from Newcom Inc. is a desktop digital video camera that you can use to take videos, and email them to …

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