Back in May of this year, Google had announced the end of support for XMPP based calling with Google voice.  With a Google voice account and an OBi device you can make and receive VoIP calls on a regular telephone, call internationally at low rates, and use premium features included free such as voicemail, call waiting… Read More

About two years ago, I reviewed the netTALK DUO.  Since then the people at netTALK have been keeping themselves busy by coming out with a new version, the netTALK DUO WiFi, which allows you to place the device anywhere there’s power and a WiFi signal.  You’re no longer tethered to either the computer or a router… Read More

We are receiving compensation for posting this review. A couple of days ago, we told you about the new Vonage Mobile apps for Android and iOS phones that let you make free texts or calls around the world to other Vonage Mobile users or paid calls to most any other number using VoIP.  I’ve had… Read More

Bill’s review of the magicJack Plus have been really popular with our readers. Now iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners can make free calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers or to any magicJack number, anywhere in the world using WiFi or 3G. The calls won’t use your mobile minutes or require any purchase. It’s… Read More

Just when I thought I’d gotten a handle on the best deal in VOIP offerings, along comes Obihai with the OBI 100 VOIP telephone adapter.  In conjunction with a Google Voice account, they claim unlimited calling to POTS users in the USA.  Frankly, I didn’t believe it, so I received one of their devices and have been… Read More

For those long-time readers, you might remember my rant/question about Comcast charging too much for their multimedia services (i.e., HDTV, phone, and internet) last year. Well, I am finally getting around to cutting the cord. We will be keeping Comcast high speed internet but our household is giving up cable TV and switching home phone… Read More

It’s my belief that if you have a broadband Internet connection, you should dump your legacy phone service and join the growing number of people who embrace VOIP.  There are many products and providers to choose from and now netTALK has come out with a convertible product which can be used with or without a computer.I… Read More

netTALK.COM has revealed its newest service application, a videophone that allows DUO and TK6000 users to stream live video to other netTALK users for free. In addtion to being able to actually see the person on the other side of their calls, they can also record their communication sessions. The netTALK DUO is available for… Read More

The netTALK DUO is now available for pre-order at a 10% discounted rate. This device enables free nationwide calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world (low-cost international rates are also available). There are no monthly fees, no contracts and you don’t even need a computer… Read More

I’ve wanted to ditch my analog phone for years now, but keep holding on to it due to the fact that I have a T1 line in my home and it’s needed for support reasons. If I didn’t need that line, I’d definitely consider the TK6000 from netTALK. Unlike some VOIP (Voice over IP) products… Read More

The callpod Drone is a plug and play solution to add streaming Bluetooth audio and VoIP to your desktop or laptop. The USB dongle is made of die-cast zinc and contains all the software needed to immediately pair to your Bluetooth headsets and headphones. It will seamlessly switch between music and VoIP calls… Read More

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