Ditch your landline for the netTALK TK6000

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I’ve wanted to ditch my analog phone for years now, but keep holding on to it due to the fact that I have a T1 line in my home and it’s needed for support reasons. If I didn’t need that line, I’d definitely consider the TK6000 from netTALK. Unlike some VOIP (Voice over IP) products such as the Magic Jack, the netTALK is a one time only purchase of about $100, with no monthly fees. A computer isn’t needed, just plug the module into your broadband router and into a regular landline phone and you’re ready for free local and long distance calls within the US and Canada.

8 thoughts on “Ditch your landline for the netTALK TK6000”

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  2. Wow! This looks great. We’ve had Vonage for a few years, and it works great – but I’m tired of the $33/month. (Yes, about $8 of charges and fees on top of their $25 price.) I thought about the MagicJack, but decided against it because I don’t leave my computer on all the time. The netTALK device attaches to the router like the Vonage device, so I’ll always have an active phone. It doesn’t seem to offer voice mail – but my current phone has an answering machine. I may have to give this a try!

  3. Help me out here.

    How does one get a phone number for these things?

    What area code does it know you are in?

    Can you call anywhere in the world?

    Is it like Skype?

    Is there a dial tone?

    Can it be used to call 911?

    Or can you just point me to an article on this whole thing?

  4. With TK6000, you have a regular telephone number and can make incoming and outgoing calls, along with other traditional features:
    FREE Voicemail
    FREE Caller ID
    FREE Directory Assistance
    FREE Call Waiting
    FREE Conference Calling
    FREE Call Forwarding
    And more…..

  5. That looks nice but I use Ooma. And it works great! Paid a little more and if Julie would like, I’d write up a little review on it. It the same idea, where you buy the hardware and the service is free (or really cheap). I kissed good bye to my landline bill and my cable bill.

  6. I used my TK6000 in Morocco, I can tell you it works just fine. I am happy with the product, the sound quality is fine, it was easy to install, and I was calling the US with no problems, I recommend it to everyone overseas and the US.

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