LuluLook magnetic iPad stand review

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LuluLook magnetic iPad stand

REVIEW – I am a firm believer that an iPad (especially the Air or Pro) could function as most people’s sole computing and media consumption device. Even more so, with all the enhancements and added functionality Apple has baked into iPadOS, keyboard and mouse support, and overall horsepower. And you could argue, the iPad Pro is even more capable than the average laptop with its gorgeous 120 Hz touch screen display, built-in cellular connectivity, massive App Library, etc. Well the folks @LuluLook have taken things a bit further and created a magnetic stand designed to transform your tablet into a mini iMac…let’s check out the LuluLook magnetic iPad stand.

What is it?

The name says it all… the LuluLook magnetic iPad stand is an aluminum stand engineered to magnetically hold your iPad (12.9” Pro in this case) securely in place.

What’s in the box?

  • Aluminum LuluLook magnetic iPad stand
  • 2 x allen wrenches

Hardware specs

The LuluLook magnetic iPad stand is made from a 5mm thick high-quality aluminum. The stand is engineered to suspend the iPad Pro or Air magnetically in place, similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard’s “floating design”. The stand has a wide foot and decent heft to it…so even with the weight of the 12.9″ iPad Pro the setup isn’t too top heavy. 

Design and features

The iPad snaps into place, securely held onto the main face plate by the stand’s embedded magnets. The magnets are strong and take a decent amount of force to separate the tablet from the stand. In my several weeks of testing, I used two hands to pull my 12.9” iPad Pro from the front face of the stand, worried that I’d accidentally ca-bonk the two, scratching my tablet. There is definitely no one-handed grab and go method of disconnect I could figure out. 

LuluLook uses anti-slip silicone pads to cover the embedded magnets and protect your iPad from metal to metal contact. But if I were LuluLook, I would have covered the entire front face of the stand with a silicone layer. IMO the stand can still scratch the tablet unless you’re careful. A skin on the back the iPad would also help prevent this.

The hinge assembly of the LuluLook magnetic iPad stand is well made providing a wide range of angles and orientations. Rotational and tilt tensions are adjustable by tightening the bolts with the included Allen wrenches. The square hole on the back of the stand is for cable management. 

The LuluLook magnetic iPad stand can easily handle switching between portrait and landscape viewing. The hinge allows the magnetic face 360° of rotational adjustment for the iPad. One suggestion I would have is to have a “click into place” for leveling the iPad in the horizontal and vertical directions cause as it is designed, you’re more or less having to eyeball it.

The hinge also allows the iPad to swing/tilt from -20° to 200° for “holder board adjustment”.

What I like

  • Well made with quality materials
  • Solid magnetic hold
  • Hinge allows for a wide range of angles and orientations
  • Transforms your iPad into a mini iMac

What needs to be improved

  • Should have covered the entire front face in silicone to better protect the iPad from accidental scratches
  • Isn’t available in Space Gray

The LuluLook magnetic iPad stand is available for the 12.9” iPad Pro, 11” iPad Pro, and 2020 iPad Air. Sadly the stand is only available in Silver with no Space Gray option. According to LuluLook: “iPad cases with thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm, the magnetic absorption will be “comparatively weaker” which makes sense.

Final thoughts

Bottom Line: I like the LuluLook magnetic iPad stand. The stand has a good overall build and material quality, provides solid functionality and adds a nice esthetic. The stand’s embedded magnets definitely hold the iPad securely in place but does take a bit of two-handed effort to separate the pair. If you’re wanting to use your iPad Pro like a desktop, the LuluLook stand is a good, well made option in a crowded tech-space. 

Price: $52.99
Where to buy: Available directly from
Source: The sample of this product was provided by LuluLook.

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