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It’s my belief that if you have a broadband Internet connection, you should dump your legacy phone service and join the growing number of people who embrace VOIP.  There are many products and providers to choose from and now netTALK has come out with a convertible product which can be used with or without a computer.I switched to VOIP about 5 years ago having become frustrated with the ever increasing fees and nickel and dime charges from THE PHONE COMPANY.   I finally threw off the yoke of Ma Bell when they wanted to charge me $3 a month for caller id and my monthly charges were almost $30/ month for a toll-free calling radius of 10 miles!  Today I pay my VOIP provider $20 month for unlimited (actually 5,000) outgoing minutes to the USA and I have all the features offered by the phone company, included!  Today I’m considering the netTALK product in an effort to reduce my costs further.      


  • Free U.S. Phone Number
  • Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling and Caller ID
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Enhanced 911 Service
  • Priority Call Forwarding
  • Customer Portal
  • Technical Support
  • Fax Friendly/Compatible
  • Free nationwide calling throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Free calling to any other netTALK device worldwide


In the box you’ll find:      

  • One netTALK DUO (CE and FCC approved)
  • Power adapter with regionally appropriate connector
  • 3-foot USB to Mini A connector used to connect to power adapter or to computer USB port
  • 3-foot Ethernet cable to connect to modem or router
  • Quickstart Guide


The DUO device has 3 connectors; a mini usb on one end and an ethernet port and RJ45 socket for the telephone on the other.  There are several LEDs that indicate the status of the DUO.      

Before making your first call, you have to register and activate the DUO.  I logged on to the netTALK web site and accessed the customer portal using a temporary username and password that came in the box with the hardware.  The process of activation entails choosing a telephone number and setting up e911 service for your physical location.  There were phone numbers available in the area code I wanted, but I couldn’t get a number in my local exchange.  I didn’t consider this much of an issue, so I picked a number from an adjoining town.  Also, at this time you select your permanent username and password to allow access to the portal.      

Router Setup

The next step is to connect the hardware.  There are two options; connecting to a router or via a computer.  The router setup is recommended so I took that path.  Using the router was simply a matter of connecting the phone, ethernet and power cables in a certain order and waiting until the phone rings once, which indicates success and you should now have dial tone.  When connected to the router, the usb cable is plugged into a supplied wall wart and powers the device.  When plugged into a computer the usb cable connects the device and is powered by the usb port of the PC.      

I was ready for my first call and dialled my home number.  Oops, I received a number not available message.  I called another number without problem and was also able to ring my home phone by calling my google voice number which is forwarded to my home phone.  I was also able to call other numbers in the same local exchange so I guess it has something to do with the fact that both the DUO and my home VOIP telephone adapter are on the same LAN.  That issue aside I was able to call friends around the US without any problem.      

IMG 2963
Laptop Setup

I then removed the DUO device from the router and installed it on my Windows 7 laptop.  This was more involved and it first required that I download a USB driver from netTALK.  Unfortunately, the 64 bit driver I needed was a beta release and could only be run in Windows 7 “testing mode”.  The accompanying release notes warned that there could be unresolved problems.  I gave it a shot and after starting the driver I plugged in the DUO and made a couple of calls.  I had the same problem calling my home number, but other than some transient error messages and warnings popping up on the screen, it seemed to work.  However, I decided that the 64 bit driver isn’t ready for prime time and didn’t want to chance corrupting my laptop, so I installed a full release 32 bit driver on a Windows XP laptop and all was well.      

The ability to use the device via the router and also with a computer is very useful.  While at home, I keep it plugged into the router and I don’t need the computer on to make phone calls.  When I leave the house, I can take the device and my laptop with me and if there’s broadband access I have my home phone.  For example, when watching the grandkids at my daughter’s house, I can bring the DUO and the laptop and connect via their WiFi.      

The feature set of the netTALK DUO is not as extensive as my VOIP service provided.  Actually I consider it a rough draft.  The voice mail function is rather rudimentary.  You cannot select the number of rings before it goes to voicemail and when a message is left you get an email with a .wav file attached.  You can also listen via the portal, but again it just downloads a .wav file.  There is no access to your vopicemail by dialling in.  Call forwarding is all or nothing.  There is no conditional forwarding.  There are really no instructions easily found for any of the features.  I had to dig through the FAQs and even then the speed dial instructions don’t work.  I would have called customer service, but they are a 9-5 operation and I was outside their window.     

 Sound quality was good, but then again I am used to VOIP phone calls.  Sometimes the quality can get as bad as a poor cell connection, but that’s very rare.  I’ve decided that the netTALK DUO won’t replace my current VOIP provider,  but will complement it.  My current provider has more features that I use and provides 24/7 customer support.  Sometimes though support can’t resolve the issue and then it would be good to have a backup.  Just last week I couldn’t call any numbers in the 518 area code for several days and just as mysteriously as it appeared it disappeared.  The support people had no idea what the problem was.  The DUO is cheap enough to justify and worth it for the insurance.  I also use google voice,  Gmail phone, Skype and other call applications, but they’re very geeky and require a computer to work.  I like the DUO because it gives me flexibility and at less than$3/ month it’s affordable and given time I hope netTALK will spruce up the portal,  and come out with more features.  When that happens, I may switch providers.  Right now it’s more of a work in progress.


Product Information

Price:$69.99 includes 1 year of service then $29.95 a year thereafter
  • Broadband, telephone and if using computer PC only.
  • Works with and without a PC, inexpensive, simple to set up
  • 11 digit dialing, short usb cord when used for power, limited feature set with confusing instructions

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  2. Thanks for this write-up Bill. I have been seriously considering dumping my phone service and going VOIP but I haven’t decided on which services work best for me. May I ask which one you are currently using? Does this netTalk allow international calling for an additional fee?

  3. I think this review is fair and accurate. When the gadgeteer first posted about this product back in early July 2010, I was looking for other options other than Vonage and was on the verge of ordering an Ooma system. I went to the NetTalk site reviewed everything and preordered the Duo. I got mine at about the end of July 2010 and for me this works very well. I use this in conjunction with Google Voice. I agree that the features are a bit slim but I think that they will roll out more features over time. Support seems to be adequate to a degree. At first it took 11 rings for the voicemail to kick in but after numerous emails, they cut that down to 4 rings. Supposedly they are working on enabling a user defined number of rings, but this is way better than 11 rings. I will say this is a great solution in combination with a cellphone and especially with Google Voice. I’ve had good call quality, and voicemails are sent to email which I can get on my Iphone. People that want a basic landline phone system and want to save money should give this a try.

    Mark L. Ferguson

  4. Mark number 1,

    Forgot to mention that Nettalk does have International calling for a price. Go the their website and you can download a .pdf of the charges.

    My current VOIP provider is Broadvoice. I’ve been with them for 5 years.

  5. I’m glad you mentioned about not being able to call your home number or I would have panicked when it did the same thing to me in a few days when mine arrives. I just returned a MagicJack because it won’t dial any number in this exchange. So not only can I not call my own number, I can’t call next door, either.

    What happens if you are somewhere away from home and try to call the home number? Is it better if you aren’t on your home network at the time?

    I have a Google Voice number so I guess that’s a workaround. I just wanted this to be workaround free for a change. 🙂

  6. Maria,

    When I said home number, I mean the number from my primary VOIP provider. I cannot call that from the netTALK device, which is attached to the same router, but I can call FROM my primary number to the netTALK device. If I take the netTALK device to another location, I can call my primary number. There are some suggested fixes on the netTALK site for changing router settings and using the DMZ. However, I believe that’s beyond the capability of most non-geeks, so I didn’t do it. I can live with the shortcomings today.

    One other piece of data. My home number is in the 672-xxxx exchange, so I checked whether I could call other numbers beginning with 672 and I can.


  7. Hi Bill!

    How about the quality of the voice? Is it any good? Is it better than MagicJack? I have MagicJack and the quality of the voice is extremely poor! Any comments or suggestions will be extremely appreciated, really!

  8. Hi Eugene,

    As I’m sure you know, sound quality is subjective. I think it’s as least as good as a good cell phone connection. However, my wife has told me she has experienced some crackling noises once in a while. I have no experience with the M/J, so I can’t compare. Nettalk has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you could see for yourself. If you do, let us know what you think.

  9. Good review! I can’t find here (or anywhere else) if the Duo caller-id includes caller name. Strange as it may seem that is the tie breaker between this and buying a 2nd OOMA Core (the discontinued device) for our other line. The free for life (of the device/company which ever comes first) OOMA Core includes caller id with name. To me number only is almost worthless but that’s all you get with some VOIP services basic packages

  10. Hoosier Daddy,

    Did a test for you. Called to my Nettalk number and caller id showed “UNAVAILABLE” on the first line and the calling number on the second line. Called from my Nettalk line and my cellphone caller id showed NETTALK on the first line and the calling number on the second line. Hope this helps and thanks for the compliment.

  11. I love this device, the call quality is as clear as my Roadrunner Phone service. Setup was easy but I did have to make one small adjustment with my router setup. The one drawback for me is calls are limited to 180 minutes – weekly I dial into a soft phone for work purposes for 8 hours so I need to hang up every 3 hours and have the soft phone call me back. Other than that, no complaints!

  12. I have been using the Nettalk for the last few weeks. I have completely stopped using my MagicJack as the reliability and call quality are MUCH better on the Duo. It does show name on the caller ID which is a bonus. Look for coupon codes before purchasing…I found a 25% off code that worked. I got mine in less than a week from the day I ordered it. I use mine as my primary home phone now and so far am extremely happy with it.

  13. I just came off the Nettalk forum (see link) and found that they now say the Voice Mail is functioning, and provide instructions for use.
    I have not tested everything yet, but the basics seem to work. This has been a major concern for me, and I think others. With this fixed, Nettalk is looking more and more like a first class product. I use it frequently when on the road and have experienced very good results. Now I really like that I will be able to have people leave voice mails for me. Then I can listen and respond during off hours.

  14. Have been using for a week.

    Terrific voice quality — equal to POTS service from Verizon. As a life-time POTS customer, extra features are a bonus.

    Used on a two hour conference call with many others with no problems, no drops (despite there being others on the call joining, dropping, placing phones on mute, etc.).

    May finally give up the POTS (plain-old telephone service) land-line.

    Only criticism is that they don’t have any phone numbers available in the area codes that cover Manhattan in New York City (there are three of them — 212, 646 and 917). Phone numbers in area codes for the other 4 boroughs of New York City though.

  15. @Pam – I have an 800 number that I have kept for probably 15 years now, I just change what number it points to. It’s basically a forward. If I am convinced that netTALK is how I want to go here – still testing – I will point it to my netTALK number, as the 800 number is the one number that has never changed for us.

  16. @Stavangeren – It’s working, but you can’t customize the voice prompts. :o) No custom messages, just “The number you have reached is not available” or some such. They need to fix that. I have a ticket in, as do several others.

  17. NAVR,

    Based upon their web site, they offer a “free U.S. phone number”. I don’t see any mention of them offerring Canadian numbers now or in the future.

  18. NetTalk does offer Canadian phone numbers but you have to pay an extra $5.99/month (similar to MagicJack), so you will now end up with 2 phone numbers: US & Canada.

    My experiences about their voice quality is great sometimes, but mostly good within North America, but not so good when calling Philippines (Asia). I’ve not tried calling any European countries yet.

  19. I do like the DUO. However, I couldn’t get it to work. I can make call out but can’t receive calls. I spent over 2 hours with Nettalk Tech Support. They upgraded my router firmware, tried many different settings, but none works. They finally gave up and told me to send it back for a refund. I’m not sure if my DSL provider has anything to do with this.

  20. @Carlos, it sounds like it’s set up, but then when you call yourself, you’ll find that it is not. Also the temp message is truly temporary; it deletes itself in a few days.

  21. Chris in Charlotte

    Great article, but I have two questions that I have not seen above.

    First, can you port existing landline number over to them, or do you have to select a new number from their list?

    Second, when talking about High Speed Internet, what is the recommended speed to use VOIP? I have DSL at home, and currently use Bellsouth’s Fast Access Lite, which is 768 Kbps DS and 128 Kbps US. Would that be sufficient for VOIP, or is it better to go with 1.5 Mbps DS and 256 Kbps US?


  22. Chris,

    According to the Nettalk FAQ, number porting is a future feature. As for point two, the FAQ states that it works with DSL. If it doesn’t, they have a 30 day guarantee.

  23. Excellent review, Bill. I have an ATT land base phone service and for the past 2 or 3 weeks I have an interrupted service with a lot of static (ATT wants $65 for half hour to repaired). As you pointed out, I will use the nettalk as my land line phone because I just need a very basic service. Thanks.

  24. I’m looking for a service that I can use a fax machine with. Mainly sending faxes. I tried Ooma with so-so results. Is Net Talk my answer?

  25. Robert,

    From the knowledgebase at the Nettalk website “Yes, you can use a fax machine. If you are keeping a landline just for your fax, get rid of it!”. However, they do mention that it’s on a best efforts basis. I suggest you go to and search for fax. They tell you how to maximize your chances of success.

  26. i already complete the connection the nettalk dou i already hear the dial tone but untill now i cant use it. please help me. thanks a lot…

  27. @Bill, check the forums at They list their coupon codes there. You just missed a couple good ones, 50% off before Thanksgiving and then BOGO after, but I think that last one ended yesterday.

  28. I got it working with only one problem – the setup page kept rejecting my email which is in the form of [email protected]

    When I put in the email I normally do not use – eg xyz123@inet…
    It worked fine. And you cant beat the price. I use it for a second line, we’ll run a 6 mos experiment to see if probs develop. I’d prob shy away from making it my only line, but I also have a cell also.

    The little I’ve used it,it seems great. Volume not as good as Vonage, but quite adequate.

  29. Remember to use a 1, that old artifact of LD billing system of ma bell, when dialing 800# and maybe LD# – its not clear yet. Otherwise it seems you get a normal busy signal

  30. I think Nettalk is definitely the small fry type of service but for $70 a year my roommate and I are having a tough time trying to find good argument against this service.

  31. I want to use Nettalk and dump my current carrier. But I dont see any mention about keeping my old phone number with Nettalk. Is it possible?


  32. Swamy,

    From the NetTalk FAQs: “You will be able to transfer your existing local phone number to TK6000 or DUO for a nominal fee sometime in the future. This is not available as of yet.”

  33. This service isn’t anywhere near ready for prime time. I finally received my netTALK Duo last night after waiting three weeks for delivery. I followed the directions and immediately ran into trouble when the site I was directed to to activate service was down. After about an hour of reloading and patiently waiting for the site to load (yeah, I can’t believe I tried that hard, either) I was able to register the device with netTALK. The confirmation “ring” I was told to listen for never arrived but I was able to place a call within five minutes of activation. The real trouble didn’t begin until I tried to place a call to my new netTALK device from my mobile phone. All I get is one ring tone and a disconnection while the phone the netTALK is hooked up to never rings.

    After spending an hour today on the phone with tech support (they tried an alternate DNS–creepy, adding the netTALK to my router’s DMZ, port forwarding and triggering–nothing worked) they gave up. To be fair, the person I talked to on the phone tried *really hard* and was a pleasure to work with.. the service just flat out doesn’t work with my TrendNet router.

    I’m sure there are routers out there that this works with out of the box but all I can say is don’t even try this service unless you’re extremely patient and prepared for a compatibility crap-shoot. Sorry, guys. I really wanted this to work.

  34. Retired Navy mainframe dinosaur

    About 6 months ago I bought an MJ through their site, considered whether I really wanted it, decided no and returned it.
    They refunded the original price, shipping charge and sent me a prepaid label for the return. Nice folks. That, plus the intermittent AT&T outages I was receiving, plus the Al Gore tax, etc. convinced me to give it another try. Bought one at Walgreen. No shipping, but Tennessee takes almost 10% sales tax. Hooked it up without issue, let my wife pick a number she liked and let it do its thing. Mostly, quality is better than my AT&T landline. I live in a brand-new home, so I have to believe the problem’s AT&T and not house wiring.
    Liked it so well, I went outside and clipped the four lines coming into the house. I then plugged the MJ into a powered USB hub (their suggestion) and run a wall phone and a cordless set from the MJ. Just a couple of tweaks they need to do on features, but I spent one month’s worth of AT&T bill to get a year’s worth of MJ. I may try NetTalk Duo for line 2 on my 2-line cordless. The direct connection to the router is interesting. I had an old Dell laptop that I use for MJ and nothing else.
    The interesting part of MJ is their live chat service model works better than most live person on the phone does. Especially if you have phone problems. But if it doesn’t work, I can forward it to my cell from my MJ user ID.
    $1.70 a month doesn’t even cover “fees and surcharges” from AT&T.

  35. Net Talk is fantastic! blows magic jack away – my long distance calls with MJ were a nightmare and basically i could make any with it .. local calls only with MJ . Net Talk is different .. i have no problems calling long distance . clear and quality calls. two big thumbs up! only $30 a year .. dump your local tel co .. what are you waiting for ! Net Talk is my tel co now .

  36. I don’t normally go out of my way to post reviews of lousy services. Usually I post good reviews or try to go the extra mile with customer services to resolve the issue. However since NetTalk boasts such great customer service, they deserve the criticism. The short story is: they don’t keep their word, they b.s. and say they are sorry and will rectify however that is not true. Don’t bother with them. The long story is they have sent my NetDuo to the wrong country, promised me next day delivery to the correct address and I confirmed today at UPS sent it to the wrong country. At least 1 operator failed to get back to me (he made a big production about how he would (Freddie @ station 2) and just now I called their sales number and Rachel told me that she couldn’t help me but customer service was there today and could track my order. Of course, they were not there at all.

  37. Received my NetDuo yesterday. Quick start up, no problems with faxing, which is a deal-breaker for me. (hello Ooma) Two minor issues. 1 Rush shipping is true as it came UPS 2nd day air. BUT it took almost a week for the order to be processed. 2 When choosing a phone can’t. I chose my local prefix, hit next and a number was assigned. Fortunately it’s pretty unique so I’m ok with it. Call quality is very good, with a slight loss of bass; it sounds just a bit tinny. Hey..caller beans. A couple of weeks of testing and it’s by-by to my $40/month phone bill. Fingers crossed!

  38. NetTALK DUO remains too much of a buggy 1.0 product.
    I finally got my Nettalk DUO after 3 1/2 weeks of waiting. Nettalk charged my credit card on 12/02 and sent a message saying that the product was shipped and should receive it within 7 to 10 days. Nothing happened after 2 weeks. I got another message on 12/13 saying the product was shipped. I called Nettalk customer service, they said the delay was due to the holliday.

    I got the device on 12/23 but up until now after 8 hours with Nettalk Technical suport and exchange messages, the product remains frustrating: NOT WORKING.

    I use D-Link serie 615 router with CLEAR as the ISP. I would only recommend netTALK to highly technical consumers as it requires knowledge to change your advanced router configuration.

    NETTALK should test and certify routers that work with netTALK so that customers know what to buy.

  39. I usually going oversea. When landing some Asian airport with free wifi, I can make any call with my Magic Jack and my Notebook. HOW make a call with NetTalk Duo product?

  40. Tommy,

    It works similar to a MJ in that you plug the device into the laptop and plug a phone into the device and if connect to the internet, you can make calls. Make sure you have the NetTalk utility loaded on the laptop. The advantage for the DUO is that it can also work without a computer.

  41. Have had mine for 1 week. It works OK. Some slight echo on my end (but people I call cannot hear it – they say it sounds fine, very close to my POTS). If it continues to work for anothe week or two, I may cancel my POTS and save about $25/month.

    Note that having the yellow light flashing is normal, even after it has registered with their server. It just keeps flashing. I had thought it could be an error but it is not.

    So far, the only issue I’ve run into is that whenever I call my neighbor who is using a MagicJack, my calls are dropped after 32 seconds. The problem is on his end. In his 2Wire wireless router/gateway, he needs to disable some settings. We’ll see if that fixes the issue.

  42. IMHO netTALK is fantastic. On the flip side, I struggled with MagicJack for several months. On its best day, MagicJack was a disaster. The first unit I received went bad after a few weeks. Getting MJ to replace it was extremely frustrating. Their customer service consists solely of on-line text chat with someone in the Philippines working off a script. It is painfully slow and obvious the CSR has zero technical expertise and cannot deviate from the woefully inadequate script. Ultimately I had to pay $10 ‘shipping’ for them to replace the defective unit. The replacement worked – but not really. I could successfully make and maintain an outgoing call about 70% of the time. Roughly 50% of incoming calls failed. As MJ customer service is a joke, I spent countless hours on the ’unofficial’ MJ forum and tried numerous fixes to no avail. Folks on the forum were great and I was determined to get my MJ to perform as the ads claimed it would. No dice. I was about to reactivate my old POTS line but decided to give netTALK a shot first. Been using it for two months now and it has been great. Sound quality is as good as my POTS line. AFAIK it has been 100% reliable; to the point you will nearly forget you are using VOIP. Spoke (as in talked to a human) with their CSR’s on minor account and tech issues and in both cases the reps were knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. My setup: Duo connected directly to a Linksys WRT54GL router and using 6Mbps AT&T DSL service. I would recommend you check the netTALK forum for a list of known compatible routers before you try their service.

  43. Been and user of Broadvoice for several years lately I have problems with the service and was looking to replace it with MJ but my VOIP device is hooked to my home Panasonic PBX and the MJ is not compatible with any PBX.

    Nettalk have no idea if it’s compatible so I would apreciate if any of you have access to a PBX either in their home or bussines to try the nettalk hooked to it as it were a landline and try to access the Nettalk from any extension or receive a call through it from any extension ?

  44. my net talk duo does not work. i have a motorola modem/wireless router model sbg901. today i spoke with customer service and they told me that they’ve had trouble with motorola cable modems. (i have charter cable.) customer service tried a couple of things, but they suggested i hook up my modem/wireless rounter to my old DSL router and try it that way. i did but nothing happens. any suggestions or should i just return this thing? thanks.

  45. Abby,

    Hate to say it, but you might want to cut your loses and return the unit. The reason VOIP doesn’t have greater market penetration is issues like you’re having. The devices are still too finicky. I’m a VOIP supporter, but that’s because the technology appeals to my inner geek and it’s cheap. There is one more thing you can try, if it hasn’t already been suggested. Put the IP address of the Nettalk DUO in the DMZ of your router. I did this and it resolved the problem I mentioned in the review about calling my other VOIP phone that’s on the same LAN.

  46. If you don’t feel confident messing with your router just try this: hook one port of a plain 5 or 8 port switcher to the modem ethernet out, one port to the WAN input of your router and one port of the switcher direct to the Nettalk ethernet port.
    With this setup you are bypassing any filtering that your router is setting on the Nettalk and you can confirm if your VOIP device is working.
    If you don’t have a spare switcher just unhook the router and try hooking the device to the modem to see if the device is able to register in the nettalk server and make a call.

  47. The only problem that could arise is when your ISP provider locks the service to the MAC address of the router, then you have no other choice but use the DMZ

  48. We own the original version of nettalk for more than a year now. Works fine for us and after 4 months it paid for itself. We ditched the landline service because of the cost and we kept on getting 3rd party charging our phone line for services we did not sign up for.

    No, it is not as good as some VOIP services but those companies charge $20 to $33 a month. I just received an offer from Time Warner for $33 a month VOIP service like that is a great price…
    The service is not for everyone, we are light phone users. It is better if you have a google voice number and have it ring your cell and nettalk at the same time. The service I think was out for a little time so it only rang the cellphones. As for the voice mail, we don’t use it, google voice is better.

  49. I ordered nettalk duo friday afternoon ups 2nd day will arrive sometime this tuesday. I’m concerned my westell model #7500 wireless router through verizon dsl, my download speed 0.969 Mbps & upload speed 0.349 Mbps is not adequate for the nettalk duo. I would greatly appreciate any info.

  50. Anthony,

    According to the Nettalk FAQ; “So long as the internet connection has a minimum bandwidth UPLOAD speed of 128 kb/s, the TK6000/DUO should function”. You indicate 349 kb/s, so you should be OK.

  51. I am really not on top of the computer and phone stuff, and I am just wondering if I get internet through time warner and have the router..this should work? I dont know about the upload and all that speed? all I know is the internet is time warner standard…10 Mbps? can you help me?

  52. but if you get a phone number with an area code different then where you live, won’t it be long distance for someone calling you with a different area code?

    say i live in canada and get a NY area code. People calling me from canada will have to dial a NY area code making it long distance call.


  53. mica01,

    What you say is true, but that’s also the beauty of VOIP. You can select an area code remote from you so your friends or relatives in that area can make a local call to contact you.

  54. the product worked well for about 3 or 4 calls. I was impressed.
    Then the device just started introducing noise on the line to the point were it was unsusable. Spoke with “customer service” and they said they would get me a rma and replace the device. Tried different phones/routers/ISP etc.
    That process was started on 28 Jan 2011 8:18 PM.

    Yet to get any help from customer service even though i have called several times, and posted tickets on their site, which they have replied to by saying someone will get this looked after.
    But it is now Feb 4th and still no resolve.
    It may be a good product BUT WITH NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. WHAT GOOD IS IT?

  55. This is a joke, use virgin mobile for $25 a month and and get unlimited everything by using sip and voip!

    It is more reliable than this!

  56. Hi, I’ve pretty much read everything out here on the Net Talk Duo.
    I’ve gone over & over the list on good router/bad router list.
    Help….I couldn’t find mine please someone who really knows please tell me. I have Dsl high speed internet through At&t. Wireless
    Gateway 2wire I believe the pro is 9 mbs. Right now wheelchair/homebound I am affraid to order this & be stuck as I really do not have a way of sending it back. Thank you so much in advance.

  57. Going on 3 months now with Net Talk. No problems. I can send fax’s as well. Using an ‘old’ 2wire modem/router and at&t. I had att basic and it worked fine. i recently went ‘elite’ because i am now streaming media through a Roku. But the Net Talk worked fine at slow and fast speed AT&T services.

  58. I was using magicjack, but had trouble receiving calls so I choose not to renew my subscription and bought a number off of

    Does anyone know what Canadian area codes nettalk offers? Wondering if 604 is an option.

  59. I bought this and Verizon Dry Loop DSL seems to be too unstable, and i sound choppy to everyone i talk to and I can’t hear people on most of my calls. Net Talk said i should tell Verizon and see if they can improve their quality of Service, but those nit wits at Verizon reply choppy english with sales pitches instead. Would CLEAR 4G be better to switch to for Net Talk?

  60. Chris,

    CLEAR should be fine, but I think it would cost one heck of a lot more than Nettalk over DSL. If you’re looking for a stable ISP, how about cable? On the other hand, I don’t have access to CLEAR in my area, so I really don’t know what it costs in your area.

  61. Carlos,

    From their FAQ:

    “Can I request a specific area code for my new DUO line?
    Currently we offer numbers all over the US. If you cannot find your local area code upon login into your Customer account please check back at another time as we acquire new phone numbers all the time!”

    Doesn’t mention Canadian numbers.

  62. I am on CLEAR 4G and Nettalk doen’t work in stable condition at all. Somtimes during my teleconference, the call just dropped death. Most of the time, I can’t even make a call phone call as there was no ring at the other end so I ended up using my cell phone.

  63. don’t bother with this device. If you ever heard the term ‘you get what you pay for’, well it applies to this. To start you will have to dial your area code even within your own area code. I called and that is just the way it is(not too much of a big deal). Heres the problem, you will dial people 2,3,4 times before the number connects and then a quarter of the time either you cant hear them or they cant hear you. This is not acceptable when it happens again and again. The tech support could find no issues. Had to just send this item back and go back to my old Voip service.

  64. Any comments on the following?
    1. We have several standard phones in our two story house. Can one go to the location where the outside phone line comes in and distributes to all the extensions, and gather up all the extensions and plug that into the netTalk device, which in turn would sit next to my router? I have a connecting pad where all the extensions come in, since I installed all the extensions myself many years ago.
    It is in the space just below where my router is located.
    Does netTalk work with extensions?

    2. Being hearing impaired, I have two CapTel phones (voice to text on a small screen, using a phone and an Ethernet cable connection), which require an Internet connection.
    They are also connected to the ROUTER since they require something like Nuance’s “Naturally Speaking” to convert the voice to text. Can their Ethernet cable be plugged in in parallel with netTak, while their phone connections are part of the “network: as in(1) above?

    Can this be accommodated via a single netTalk device for our single land line connection?

  65. Gunther,

    1. This is similar to my configuration. I have the Duo telephone output connected to one of my phone jacks. It is then distributed to all the other phone jacks in my house. I did disconnect the line coming into the house from the telephone pole though. Works like a charm.

    2. I don’t now about CapTel phones. You may want to drop an email to NetTalk, but if what you are saying is that the CapTel has 2 connections (one phone line and one ethernet), I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Plug the phone line into the NetTalk and the ethernet into a router port.

  66. I sent a inquiry to netTalk regarding the Ringer Equivalency Number or REN of the netTalk DUO, i.e., how many standard landline phones can it ring on an in-coming call.

    I have not received a reply.

  67. I have read all the chats — and just need to be sure — my wireless router is “owned” by Time Warner — I will be able to hook up NetTalk Duo to THEIR router (Netgear Advanced Cable Modem Gateway CDG24G) and if there are problems, they would help??? (They did help with my wifi cell phone which goes through “their” wifi but still doesn’t work as well as I would like so I want to be able to transfer the cell to VOIP to get better cell service. It’s my only service in my second home.)

    And the pictures of the set-up, for a novice like me, are great.

  68. Becki,

    I am hooked up to a Netgear 3500 router with no problem. Your setup “should” work. Why not give it a try. You can always return it, if it doesn’t work.

    I’m surprised that TW helped with your wifi phone. It’s been my expereince with cable companies that if they didn’t supply it, you’re on your own. You are fortunate.

  69. HI: Have Nettalk for about a week and seems to work well..EXCEPT I get a dialing noise(not a busy signal or incoming call noise) occasionally during the conversation.. I have not contacted Net talk yet…any ideas what it may be?


    1. Bob S.

      I haven’t experienced the issue you mention myself. Perhaps try a different phone, or computer, or router port.

  70. NetTalk Duo is not good. I cant dial all kind of numbers specially with the bank customer service. vonage customer service. I am planning to return it. It is not a good product. it still need some time to bake.

  71. I just hooked up the Nettalk Duo and it works as good or better than my current VOIP service which is Vonage. I have made several long distance calls, called my home from a cell phone etc. The calls are clear, it works as expected (just like Vonage). I have it going through my wireless router and have the phone line plugged into a wall jack which allows all the phones in my home to work, same as Vonage. It was a breeze to set-up. I followed the directions (to the “T”) on the little pamphlet that came in the box. I have broadband Internet though my cable company (Brighthouse). I made no adjustment to my router settings, I’m using the latest router technology (wireless N, with backwards b, g and N, one gig per port). I was able to get a local phone # in the city in which I live as well. The caller ID worked (same as Vonage), it gave the # and name of the person calling, not sure what people on the other end see when I call them. I set-up voice mail, there are no clear instructions on how to put a custom message on the system (what someone hears when calling and you don’t answer) but I was able to figure it out after going to the forum on the Nettalk site. It may not have all the “bells and whistles” that Vonage has, but I never used any of that stuff anyway. I just need the phone to work and get messages in the event I’m not able to answer the phone. I was able to get messages from the phone and messages were also emailed to my email address as well (like Vonage). I plan on keeping my Vonage account for another month or so just to make sure everything is OK with Nettalk. I originally had my number ported from the telephone company when I switched to Vonage about 6 years ago but I will not be able to port my phone number to Nettalk, I’ve had my # for over 20 years but I get mostly sales calls on it anyway so I don’t view it as any great loss when I disconnect service with Vonage. Quite frankly, I have unlimited minutes on my Android smart phone so I don’t see any reason (for me anyway) to use the smart phone Android app on Nettalk’s site, I guess it could be useful for those that don’t have unlimited service though). Right now its costing $300.00 per years to use Vonage, with Nettalk, I’ll save $270.00 per year, barring the first year, as it costs $60.00 (the equipment and first years service). Nettalk gave me a pretty good deal, I ordered it over the phone and mentioned I could get it for less they I could buy it directly from them if I purchased it from Walmart. I got it for something like $49.00 + shipping so it was less expensive to order it directly from Nettalk. I received it in less than I week. So far everything has gone like clockwork. Quite Frankly, it works just like Vonage, it just costs less.

  72. Nettlak is aggressively marketing in Oklahoma with TV advertisements. I was duped into buying the product. When I tried to activate, I was told that Nettalk has no telephone numbers available in Oklahoma City calling area. I was informed that Nettalk usually gets telephone numbers by the end or beginning of each month and that I will be allotted a number at that time. I was then asked to pick an area code from the neighboring state. Now, even my neighbors have to make long distance calls to contact me over this phone. It appears that Nettalk has NO telephone numbers in Oklahoma City. It also appears that they have telephone numbers ONLY in limited mega cities. So, DO NOT buy NETTALK unless those who want to contact you are willing to pay for the long distance calls.

  73. I’ve found this item on Walmart site.I’m wanting to get rid of my phone company along time.It cost me $59 just to keep the phone in my home.I was wanting,can nettalk accept collect calls?My son calls me collect,and I have a nephew who calls me from jail collect.Will I be able to accept their calls? Also I have 4 phones in my home.Do I need to hook them all up to the netalk.The main phone is hooked up to a jack and the other 3 plugged into a outlet.I hope you can can anwser my questions.This would really help to cut my bills down!

  74. I bought the nettalk to use at my condo at the beach, at my home it worked great with my Linksys router, but after taking to my condo with a Belkin router it doesn’t work, when making a call you can hear the person answer but they can’t hear you, what wrong?

  75. @Debbie

    Wow, I didn’t realize that collect calls were still possible until your comment. Unfortunately, NetTalk and other VOIP providers cannot accept collect calls, however, you have some options. Give your son a calling card. I bet it’s a lot cheaper than collect. For your incarcerated nephew, I did a google of “jail collect calls” and found several services that can provide collect “type” calling from jail.

    You could take the phone jack output from the NetTalk DUO and connect it to any jack in your house. Then you can connect phones to open jacks around the house. If you do this, disconnect the telephone line in from the phone company to your house.

    Good luck.

  76. @Fred,

    Firstly, is it possible to switch the routers? That way if it works at the beach with the Linksys, you know there is an issue with the Belkin. If not, do you have a computer at the beach house. If so, use the DUO in PC mode and see if it works. I would then contact the NetTalk people. They’re in a better position to diagnose your problem.

  77. Everyone talks about “modems” I have wireless ISP service
    will Nettalk Duo work without a modem and connected directly
    to the computer?

  78. @Gloria,

    Yes, the NEtTalk will connect directly to a computer. It’s called a DUO because it can work with or without a computer.

  79. Maybe you guys can suggest something for this really annoying and consistent issue that I have been facing with NetTalk DUO for a month now.

    I notice that DUO stops working after every few hours, sometimes its 2 hours or sometimes 12 and there is no pattern.

    When DUO is behaving this way any incomming call goes straight to voicemail and I have tested it by calling my DUO number from my cell phone or other landline – same result.

    Also, in this state the status light on DUO remains green and the phone connected to DUO does not have any dialtone.

    Only option is to reset DUO to make it work again (for few hours ofcourse)

    Has anyone seen this behavior?

    I have DLink DIR-655 router and configured DUO per NetTalk proposed settings for Dlink routers.

    Please help

  80. Shak,

    Does it work OK if you use it in PC mode? I’d give the NetTalk people a call. Sounds like you might need to put the DUO in the router’s DMZ.

  81. hello
    I live in Iowa & I m thinking of buying one for my parents in Morocco , you think it would work , so they can call me with no charge , they have the Magic jack but it a big hassle with PC & all of that ( need to leave it on all the time …) . any help/advice would be appreciated .

    thank you

  82. Otmane,

    If they have a router or switch to plug it into, there’s no need for a computer to be on all the time and the DUO should work fine. When you set it up, you can ask for any US telephone number and there will be no charge when your parents call you using the DUO.

  83. My husband travels to Europe a lot. Will this work plugging directly into a cat5 port in the hotel? Any IP address issues? Most hotels have free internet, but it is wired in the rooms. I was thinking to buy 2 DUOs (one for home and one for him to take) so we could talk free.

  84. TLF,

    Yes and no. If the ethernet port requires authentication (asks for a login) it probably won’t. If it doesn’t it should work. I haven’t used the Duo at a hotel yet, but I’ve used other voip T/As and they work within the preceding restrictions. If it doesn’t work directly, he can plug it into his computer and use that way.

  85. Here’s the list of Canadian area codes for nettalk duo as of March 2011 (found on a amazon comment thread for the DUO)
    BC : 778 (Vancouver)
    AB : 587 – 403
    ON : 647 – 289 – 613 – 705 ( Toronto,Mississauga,Ottawa,Sault Ste. Marie )
    QC : 438 ( Montreal)
    not sure on how accurate this information is but here is the source:

  86. Theodore Zipes

    Have had a duo for about 2 months now. Local call to 505 area get cut off frequently. Reported problem and so far they have done nothing to alleviate the issue. Did not have this problem with Majic Jack, but got tired of having to leave the PC on all the time. Finally gave up and went back to telco service. It is not worth the hassle.

  87. …have both Vonage and MagiJack…

    Vonage’s World Plan provides unlimited (3000min) land line larga distancia to Mexico, along with 60 other countries, and a direct connection to the router …albeit for $30/month….more or less Telco prices for a basic no frills local phone service. Vonage gives you the full meal deal, caller ID, long distance to 60 countries, and voicemail with comparable Telco voice quality.

    The Vonage works in Mexico (or any other country) and because in country Mexican long distance rates, even to other land lines, are quite high; taking a Vonage modem with you to Mexico and using it IN Mexico, even though it’s a Canadian phone number calling, saves us one heck of a LOT of money.

    If I didn’t require the included free long distance in Mexico, to Mexican numbers, I would seriously consider the netTALK service, giving me a Canadian phone number and local calling home. If you lived in Mexico and needed a local portal for calls back home…without needing the computer always turned on then this would be the service for you.

    MagicJack has greatly improved their service over the past few years…for some reason calls to Alberta were dodgy at best with limited bandwidth while the rest of the country was OK. Things are better now..for random calls on the road while traveling.. MagicJack works pretty good.

  88. Why I regret buying netTALK.
    While netTALK provides a Blackberry app for some models. None is available for OS 6.0
    One can get third party generic software from fgmicrotec
    to link virtually any VoIP provider to a BB OS 6.0 user
    User manuel states that one must provide the SIP address and password to setup the link between the VoIP provider the BB phone. See:
    Don’t try your luck with netTALK, they will not reveal your unique SIP adrress and password
    See also:

  89. In the past I championed NetTalk (NetDuo device), however, after about two weeks in use the device no longer worked. I contacted NetTalk support but everything they had me do did not work to fix the problem(s). I sent it back and they gave me a full refund which included the S&H charges and since they already enclosed a prepaid shipping label in the package I wasn’t charged to send it back to them either. Nettalk’s device just didn’t work for me (not really sure why).

    Now that MJ has officially released the MagicJack Plus I will try that and see how it goes. Looks like they also support # porting which NetTalk currently does not do. Its kind of hard to give up a phone # you’ve had for over 20 years which is a major drawback for me. and MJ’s device and service appear to be the same price as NetTalk.

  90. Magic Jack ,worked fine for a long time but it would cut off quite often . teck support is a real bear .no person to talk to. they asked me to call someone to see if it worked. I said how about you call me . but they refused. anyway I could repair my mj by switching my usb port and the right no# would come up . The mj still will not ring and it cuts off a lot.

  91. I buying netTALK DUO. IF any usage in excess of 5,000 aggregate minutes per month Your phone service will change by nettalk to a sip services you have add money to your account to make a call, To get back your original plan you have to spend $69.95 but a new nettalkDuo Don’t Activate it call nettalk to transfer your Phone number to the new one. NETTALK Terms of Servce

  92. Here is the best way to go (by a mile):
    The OBi100 @ $44 with your choice of service providers and plans. You can use Callcentric,, Sipgate not to mention Google Voice. The adapter’s phone port is rated at 5 REN so pretty much every phone in the house can be rung. They have live tech support and the company was founded by the inventor of the VoIP telephone adapter. If you want to ease off the telco (or your current VoIP provider) you can use the OBi110 and its line port feature.

    The Gadgeteer reviewed it here:

  93. I just purchased this unit and although the voice quality and everything works fairly well I am extremely disappointed in the bait and switch Nettalk has just performed by changing the usage minutes from 5000 to 3000 a month. Although I don’t think I will use 3000/month on average over the year I do have guests who like to call long distance and they can be on the phone for extended lengths of time. I called Nettalk to inquire on how the additional billing is performed after the 3000 minutes/month are used and this is what I was told. For example since I just purchased this and have several relatives staying with me calling friends locally as well as long distance I could easily exceed the 3000 minutes this month since 183 minutes were used yesterday, Nettalk customer service told me that once that happens I am on a pay as you go until the rest of the term (in my case 1 year less a month since I just purchased it), THEY COULDN’T TELL ME WHAT THOSE COSTS WOULD BE THOUGH, saying it will depend on where you are calling. The last thing I have time for is checking my online statement daily to see how close I am to the 3000 minutes/month.

    This is extremely poor customer service since they are charging a yearly fee but penalizing the remaining contract period which should be only charged on the months I go over not on the remaining length of the contract, so I will be returning the Nettalk Duo immediately and going with a company such as OOMA Telo that has dealt with large minute users much more effectively.

  94. I got one the last week. The unit looks good and all connecting hardware were there. Unfortunately the service is …….. that bad. First it took 20 min on Friday to get to the technical service (I was #10 on the list). After a 30 min of powering unit ON+OFF we got some progress and the phone line gets to some kind of connection. I called to disconnect my line phone provider and as soon as the main line was disconnected the DUO stop working. From 9:30am till 1:20pm we are (tech & I)trying to troubleshoot and finally the technician get the verdict – the unit is not good and I have to ship it back and after two weeks of waiting try to purchase another hopefully working unit. To call managers to resolve this time wasted option I have to go back on line to technical services and that time I was #25!!!!
    It may be that it is unfortunate event, on the other hand poor knowledge of their tech service and hiding management behind long waiting line of tech services speaks volumes about the company.

  95. Horrible Services:

    When it stopped working, I tried to contact them several times in a week but not help. I sent them email, their answers meant nothing. Many people are the same with my situation.

    Stop choosing this product!

  96. Buyer beware. If you pay for cheap phone service that is exactly what you will get. When Nettalk does firmware updates automatically your unit can be fried or deactivated and you may not get a replacement or refund. On April 7, 2012 they did an update that deactivated or fried thousands of units. It took me 5 days just to finally get through to get something done about it. I have had my unit about 8 months. Their customer service is horrible…. just absolutely horrible. No one seems to know what they are doing or even how to help you. You are lucky if you actually get someone on the phone you can understand. I will get a replacement about 17 days after the original unit went dead. If something happens to your replacement you are SOL according to their policy. You may want to get a free sipgate account and use it with google voice or use a sipgate account with a Linksys pap2 VOIP unit. And as horrible as Magic Jack is they are even better than Nettalk. I have had them all. You can fax with sipgate.

  97. I switched from Vonage about 2 months back to NetTalk and I have to restart the device every 2 or 3 days. Suddenly there won’t be any dial tone on my phone. 🙁 I had this kind of problem with Vonage too but may be 2 or 3 times in 2 years.Yes I was with Vonage for 2 years, never I had to talk to their tech support. You get what you pay for. You cannot reach Nettalk tech support, not before waiting for at least 1.5 hrs on phone.Frustrating. Another problem with Nettalk is – you have to dial whole 10 digits even for numbers in your own area code. What the….? I paid them extra for Intl. calling. No complaints with with call quality though.

    Stay away, pay a little extra and buy peace of mind. Vonage worked good for me.

  98. I have had all positive experiences with Nettalk. I live in Winnipeg. 204 area code was available. It took 2 minutes to set up. I have had this for 2 months now and cannot believe how well it has worked. Call quality is good. It is all that I need. Yeah, you can’t transfer your old number. If you have a business and have 15,000 business cards out there, maybe it is not for you. But as for a secondary line, why pay 25 bucks a month?

  99. I have had all positive experiences with Nettalk. I live in Winnipeg. 204 area code was available. It took 2 minutes to set up. I have had this for 2 months now and cannot believe how well it has worked. Call quality is good. It is all that I need. Yeah, you can’t transfer your old number. If you have a business and have 15,000 business cards out there, maybe it is not for you. But as for a secondary line, why pay 25 bucks a month?

  100. Just got one as MagicJack has grandiose probles and no customer support, besides their chat which take up to 2 hours and they repat the same answer over and over. Until they MJ made an account the phone worked OK. Now with netTalk, there is no option to change the number of rings, bothersome, is 6 rings before voice mail. People hang up after 3 rings. Darned, I think I will return the item. Not good for my use.Why no option for Voicemail is beyond me.

  101. Prior to owning the Net Talk Duo device and service I was Magic Jack customer for 3 years. What enticed me to switch to Net Talk Duo was the fact that their device was able to plug directly into a router and free up a computer. After getting my Net Talk Duo device configured and using the service, I noticed that the call quality was slightly better than the Magic Jack service and figured that I had made the right move, then my device stopped working! I followed all of the troubleshooting tips from the website but was still unable to resolve my issues. I then noticed that I was not getting any blinking lights from the network cable port on the Net Talk Duo device. I then went to the net talk website and opened a high priority support ticket. Two days later someone from support contacted me and wanted me to go through the troubleshooting tips on their site. I explained that I have already done all of this and will need the unit replaced. He said he would check on what can be done. A week goes by and no word, so I check the status of the case and call the tech number listed on their site. I get a live person from their “Tech” department and the gentlemen said that he is not in customer service and can’t replace my unit and gave me the direct email to the customer service side. I then write up an email including my support ticket info and explaining everything hoping this would expedite my case. Another few days go by and I get an email asking how long I have had the service. I reply with how long I have had the service, and then get a reply stating that since I have had the device longer than 30 days I cannot get a refund. This goes back and forth for about 3 weeks and I am told that I will need to buy a new device and they can transfer my number over. Initially I was going to go with that option but from the experience I had with their customer service and cheaply made device, decided not to buy another unit in hopes that it will last beyond a year. Net talk claims to have 7 day customer service but this is a farce. I am going to cut my losses and try another VOIP service. I do not recommend the Net Talk DUO, Net Talk DUO II or Net Talk in itself!

  102. I use a OOMA phone. I pay no phone bill at all… just my High Speed internet bill. I also have a magic jack that I keep in my laptop bag pocket for when I travel… I have to pay $19 per year on that, but it is worth it to makes calls.
    I also sent a magic jack to Brasil for my wife’s family to call us on. They now have a US phone number on their jack and they chat all day long on it with my wife…. Sweet…
    The Vonage is a rippoff! Same bill as hte land line companies.. and calling India? Are you kidding? They offer calling to countries that I would never want to call or go to. It is better to send a magic jack there for them to talk to with a US number.. You can pay two magic jack lines for you and them, and still be a fraction of the price of one vonage line.. Talk about non-competitive! This nettalk device is a little high on pricing for service in my opinion at $29.

  103. Like many DUO NetTalk users, I’ve had more than my share of problems. It is great when it works right ! It took several months to iron out the issues before I could get it to work properly. I’ve also have used the MagicJack, and even faxed on it when a good connection is established. I bought several DUO’s for family members once I got mine working. However, I still have issues with poor connections with incoming callers dropping out now and then. Additionally connections with cells phones has been shaky at times as well. People calling me from cells phones often sound broken up to where I have to repeatedly call them back to establish a better connection. I know it has something to do with the networking problems of NetTalk, because I can call the cell phone caller back on my own cell phone and have very clear uninterrupted conversations. I recently bought the ” MagicJack Plus “. I’m almost afraid to try it out, but purchased it because it added the ethernet connection ( where you don’t have to use your computer ) just as the DUO offers. My kids had the same issues with their DUO’s, and are now just using their cell phones instead. I now have two unused DUO’s that I had bought for more family members, but I’ve had them too long for a return……. I’m a retired senior, so I have to use my small Soc. sec. check and can’t afford a land line provider anymore, etc.
    Well, I guess we ” Get what we pay for ” or should I say ” Buyers beware “…… Best wishes to those who don’t have any problems with there’s…….

  104. steve hollenkamp

    The worst thing I ever did w as get nettalk. It worked for a month and then stopped. Their tech support is always closed or impossible to get ahold of. I forked out $2300 in advertising with this # and it has been out for over a week. I lost everything. People should start getting together and go after these bastards in the media

  105. I’ve been using NetTalk for probably 2 years no and have had no problems at all. I use my phone’s answering machine which works perfectly. And for $30/yr, how can you complain?

  106. I had NetTalk Duo for a year and just switched to Magic Jack Plus on 4-22-14. I hope MJ is better. For the better part of the year with NetTalk I had break up of incoming voice from most cell phones and some land lines, yet if I immediately dialed them back, the connection was fine. I submitted requests for help numerous times, most requests are documented. NetTalk never corrected the problem. I know they got my message because after I told them I would change my service some 6 months before the end of the contract, they would send me an email about 3 to 4 weeks later asking if my problem was corrected.

    NetTalk gets an net zero from me.

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