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Outside, the Code Folio, the newest offering from HEX,  is covered with genuine leather and has a Moleskine-type elastic-band closure.  Inside, the molded, “soft-touch” bed fits either iPad 2 or the newest iPad.  The interior has two document pockets, card slots, and a pen holder.  There’s also a built-in hinge that works with the ridges… Read More

The one thing I dislike about using my iPad is the on-screen keyboard, and it seems many people agree with me – evidenced by the sheer number of Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard cases on the iPad accessories market.  Typing a quick email on an iPad is fine, but typing anything longer is slow and error-filled. … Read More

Although I use my iPad 2 everyday, I don’t always carry it with me when I’m out of the house.  When I do want to take it along, I usually have to carry a second bag because I don’t want to wedge it in my normal handbag that’s already loaded up with my stuff.  I’ve… Read More

One word came to my mind the first time I saw the Magnus Magnetic iPad 2 Stand from Ten One Design. That word was sexy. It’s the most minimalistic iPad stand I’ve reviewed to date. Is this stand just a pretty face with nothing to back it up though? Let’s find out. Note: Click the… Read More

The Sense Apple iPad 2 Leather Case from Mivizu completely covers your iPad 2 in leather.  The iPad 2 slides into a geniune grain leather frame with a padded back for extra protection.  The interior is lined with microfiber fabric to help keep the screen cleaned.  The folding cover wakes/sleeps your device and protects your… Read More

Note:  I had been accidentally sent a case for the original iPad when I wrote this review, and I had drawn some erroneous conclusions based on the fit of the iPad 2 in the wrong case.  I have received the proper case, and I have revised my review and inserted corrected pictures. As I have… Read More

After wanting one for what felt like forever, I finally bought an iPad 2. All I can say is that it was worth the wait. I am an unapologetic Apple fanboy (Mac user since 1988) and the iPad just makes me more impossible to be around when the discussion turns to tech. But despite the… Read More

Last week, I reviewed the Smart Libretto case for iPad 2 from Bella.  When I opened the package, I found they had included an extra case, the Veneta Slimmer sleeve for iPad 2.  Just like their other cases, the Veneta Slimmer is handmade in Turkey, using fine Turkish and Italian genuine leathers. The Veneta Slimmer… Read More

Bella Cases offers beautiful leather cases and sleeves for Apple iPhone 4, iPad, and iPad 2.  Each case is handmade in Turkey using fine Turkish and Italian genuine leathers.  Their cases have a polished, professional look and come in a variety of colors.  When they offered their Smart Libretto case for iPad 2 to The… Read More

Belkin has introduced two new covers to protect the back of your iPad 2.  The first is the Snap Shield Secure (right, shown in smoke).  This translucent polycarbonate shield has a soft-touch finish, and it snaps over the back of the iPad 2.  The camera and all ports and controls are accessible, and the case… Read More

Most keyboard cases for iPad 2 are hard-to-hold book-style cases or have the keyboard in a separate piece that snaps over the iPad 2.  The new Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 from Logitech fits over your iPad 2 like a silicone case would (top image), though it will add more thickness and weight than silicone… Read More

There are many people that roll their eyes when iPad and other tablet owners pair a physical Bluetooth keyboard with their device instead of using the onscreen keyboard. They say why don’t you just buy a laptop if you want a real keyboard… I say there’s nothing wrong with having the option to trick out… Read More

It seems that small point and shoot video cameras like the Flip are going the way of the Dinosaur, as they are being replaced by smartphones like the iPhone 4. But have you ever considered using your iPad 2 as a video camera? Makayama gives you the ability to attach various accessories such as lenses… Read More

ClamCase makes a line of keyboard cases for iPad and iPad 2, and they’ve just introduced a special limited edition Trooper case.  The case is in Imperial White with black accents.  The case is made of polycarbonate to protect your iPad 2.  It has a 360-degree black hinge that supports the iPad 2 in typing… Read More

Colorware is now enabling you to personalize the color of your fancy new iPad 2. ColorWare’s coloration process allows you to customize your iPad 2 however you want: coloring the Apple logo, back panel, and/or the front home button with their extensive palette. This is a permanent, polymer-based coating that looks great and (supposedly) lasts… Read More

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