Two New Smart Cover-Compatible iPad 2 Cases from Belkin

Belkin has introduced two new covers to protect the back of your iPad 2.  The first is the Snap Shield Secure (right, shown in smoke).  This translucent polycarbonate shield has a soft-touch finish, and it snaps over the back of the iPad 2.  The camera and all ports and controls are accessible, and the case works with the Smart Cover.  The Snap Shield Secure even has a stainless steel strip on the back that’s designed to keep the Smart Cover securely open.  It’s available in clear, smoke, and Apple pink for $39.99.  The second new offering from Belkin is the Emerge 024 for iPad 2.  This case is also made of polycarbonate with a soft-touch finish, but it has perforations that allow colored inserts that match some of the Smart Covers to show through.  The Emerge comes with a selection of the colored inserts.  Like the Snap Shield Secure, the Emerge 024 also has cutouts for the camera and all ports and controls, and it sells for $39.99.  Both cases may be purchased at Belkin and Amazon.

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