Saddleback Leather announces availablity of new iPad 2 case

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New iPad 2? Searching for a case? Love leather? How about the Saddleback Leather Company iPad 2 case? I reviewed their original iPad case and found it to have rugged good looks and great protection. The only thing missing from their new iPad 2 version is the nifty magnetic smart cover feature that will turn the iPad on and off when you open and close it. If you don’t mind that omission, the Saddleback case is available in 4 colors and can be ordered now for $104. What is your favorite iPad 2 case so far? I’m still rocking a Green Smart Cover for mine.

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  2. I ordered mine on the day they announced its availability (last Thursday, I think).

    I’m currently using the black leather smart cover and really like it, but I’ve felt constantly worried about my iPad every time I take it from the house (which I honestly didn’t think I’d do at all – love it even more than I thought I would).

    I’m thinking I’ll continue to use the smart cover when I have it at home, but we’ll see how hard it is to switch back and forth and how much I like the feel of the SaddleBack one.

    I wish I’d seen that you’d done a review of the original one before I ordered – would have used your affiliate link. I’ll check on these things from now on. 🙂

  3. Saddleback is the best when it comes to leather.
    I have 7 of their bags, and love them all.

    I’ll be ordering this item as well.

    I’ve listed who gets which in my will, so they don’t
    “fight over them when I’m gone”

  4. I commented a few years ago about my Messenger Bag, and a few other bags (not sure what I had at the time I commented).

    I recently got an iPad 3. I’d been happy enough with the rubbery cover that Apple sold for the iPad 1, and cheerfully tucked this iPad 1 into my Messenger Bag, Briefcase, or whatever.

    But for my new iPad 3, with 64 GB instead of 16 GB, and with even more of my documents, music, and life in it than with my first generation iPad, I looked to see what Saddleback was offering.

    I’ve had their iPad case, which nicely fits the iPad 3, for 2 weeks now.

    What a nice case! I got it in tobacco brown. (Darker on arrival than my messenger bag from 2-3 years ago, which was almost too light and had to be darkened with some mink oil.)

    The initial insertion was somewhat tight (no jokes, please), but it loosened up. I put some mink oil on. Now, it’s already developing a nice patina, besides being extremely good padding against falls.

    A great $105 addition to my new iPad.

    Further, the strap arrangements allow all kinds of nice ways of holding or propping up the iPad. The lid can be folded back, then tucked into the straps, and this allows various ways to stick one’s hand in. Or even in a propped-up position, my left fingers or hand can grip the straps. Really a lot more options than I see with some of the “geometric” stands, with really no way to reach behind the iPad to make use of the case.

    I’m really, really impressed with Dave and Saddleback.

    (I have no connection. I live in Central Coastal California. I first bought the messenger bag, via Dave’s Deal’s, then the medium briefcase, ditto (it had no defects, just some “unique markings,” which I like a lot), then two other pieces. Given that I’m trying to downsize my outside the house carry to an iPad and a Nikon 1 V1 with a couple of lenses, the original messenger bag I bought first is probably what I’ll be carrying the most. And, oh, that messenger bag I saw Julie reviewing a few years ago does a very fine job of carrying the iPad in the Saddleback case either inside the messenger bag or in the back slot. Either vertically, for fastest access, or horizontally (plenty of room). Which leaves the spacious main compartment for plenty of stuff. The ideal “personal item” in addition to a airline-compatible overhead bin item. (Which I like the Tom Bihn “Aeronaut” for. If it has to be checked, like for some European airline, I make sure all the valuable stuff is in my small bag, e.g., the Saddleback Messenger Bag.)

    –Tim May, Corralitos, California

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