iPad 2 – To case or not to case, that is the question

While I wait for my iPad 2 to be delivered, I thought I’d shop around for a case. I ordered one of the covers with it, but I may be carrying this iPad with me more than the original, so I will probably want to protect it a bit more. I happened upon a great article from Mashable that highlights 28 different iPad 2 cases. When I saw the Speck iGuy “case” I couldn’t help but smile. I can remember reviewing an iGuy case for one of the early iPods 6yrs ago. I even made a stop motion video with it. This new iGuy case is marketed towards kids. They can use the arms as handles. It will be available in mid April for $39.95. For those of you buying an iPad 2, what case will you use?

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  • 1000Acres March 12, 2011, 4:19 pm

    Starting with a green Smart Case and Zagg full body shield. Still thinking I’d like a thin notebook style like the first Apple black one. Will be watching here for recommendations.

  • Xzorter March 12, 2011, 4:22 pm

    Oh,that’s easy, I will wait a minute for SaddleBack Leather to make a #2 case, to match the one I’m using right now!
    It is my everyday carry !
    Be advised of the weight factor with there large briefcases .

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