Colorware now making the iPad 2 even prettier….

Colorware is now enabling you to personalize the color of your fancy new iPad 2. ColorWare’s coloration process allows you to customize your iPad 2 however you want: coloring the Apple logo, back panel, and/or the front home button with their extensive palette. This is a permanent, polymer-based coating that looks great and (supposedly) lasts a very long time.

Colorware has a wide variety of colors, looks (solid, metallic, and pearl) with the choice of gloss and SoftTouch finishes. You can either buy an iPad 2 straight from the company already colored for $900 (16gb) or more for higher capacity and/or the 3G versions. Or if you already have an iPad 2, you can send it in and pay $400 (and up) for just the coloring process.

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  • Matthew Stout May 5, 2011, 4:22 pm

    If ONLY they had a “We color your devices while you wait” service….. as is I’m afraid I’d go into withdrawals waiting to receive my beloved gadgets and goohgahs back.

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