Bella Cases Veneta Slimmer Sleeve for iPad 2 Review

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Last week, I reviewed the Smart Libretto case for iPad 2 from Bella.  When I opened the package, I found they had included an extra case, the Veneta Slimmer sleeve for iPad 2.  Just like their other cases, the Veneta Slimmer is handmade in Turkey, using fine Turkish and Italian genuine leathers. The Veneta Slimmer is a simple sleeve case for people who prefer to use their iPad 2 caseless, but want a little protection for it while it’s packed away in a briefcase or gear bag.  Let’s give it a closer look.

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The Veneta Slimmer is available in black, red, or brown leather;  I received the brown.  Just like the Smart Libretto, the Veneta Slimmer was just sliding around in an empty box with nothing to keep it centered or to protect it from scratches.  The case didn’t have any scuff marks, though.

This sleeve is also made of leather, but the description didn’t specify the type.  It had a pleasant leather smell with no hint of chemicals.  The stitching used a color-matched thread, and the stitches were even and straight.  The leather is smooth to the touch with visible grain.  The leather finish has a sheen, but it’s not glossy.  The interior is lined with a sueded fabric.  The case is lightly padded.  The edges of the leather have a smooth, rubbery coating to protect the raw edges.  The only branding is “bella” embossed on one side, just under the top cutout.  The bright lights I use for taking review photos give an ombre effect to the color.  The case looks much more evenly colored to my eye than it does in these pictures.

The case measures 9.75″ long (at the longest point) X 7.9″ wide X 0.6″ thick with the iPad 2 inside.  It weighs 4.2 oz on my digital kitchen scale.  Because of its design, it won’t add anything to the size or weight of the iPad 2 while it’s being used.  It’s small and thin enough that it won’t add much to the weight of your gear bag or briefcase.

There is a large cutout at the top of the case which leaves quite a bit of the iPad 2 exposed (front and back) and a smaller cutout at the bottom of the case.  These cutouts allow you to get a grip on the iPad to remove it from the case.  The bottom cutout also allows you to charge the iPad 2 without removing it from the Venetta Slimmer sleeve.

The Venetta Slimmer has a very snug fit.  You don’t have to worry about the iPad 2 slipping out unexpectedly.  Because it is so snug, there is no way that you can use the Slimmer with the Smart Cover or anything more than perhaps a skin on the iPad 2.

Just like the Bella Smart Libretto, the Veneta Slimmer looks very sleek and sophisticated.  This will look right at home in the boardroom, but it’s not too “fancy” to use for casual trips to the coffee shop.  It’s a nice case for anyone who likes to use a caseless iPad 2, but who needs some screen protection when the device is in their bag.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Bella Cases
Retailer:Bella Cases
  • iPad 2
  • Beautiful and well-made
  • Padded
  • Protects iPad 2's screen
  • Can charge the iPad 2 while it's wearing the case
  • Leaves some of the iPad 2 unprotected
  • Can't use the Veneta Slimmer with the Smart Cover

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