Built Neoprene Tote Bag for 13” Apple MacBook Pro Review

I sometimes have back pain and carrying heavy gear bags often makes things worse.  I’m constantly on the lookout for a sturdy, protective bag that’s big enough for my computer must-haves but won’t add a lot of weight itself.  We’ve used neoprene lunch bags from Built NY for years.  These lunch bags wear like iron, …

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Built Neoprene Envelope for iPad Review

For years now, my family has used neoprene lunch bags from a company called Built.  (As I recall, they used to be called BuiltNY.)  These bags are sturdy, well-made, and they come in a variety of colors and designs.  They hold up really well.  We’re still using the bags we bought several years ago.  Built …

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SUMO Camo Laptop/Netbook Sleeve Review

I had been looking for a laptop sleeve for awhile to replace my large, clunky leather briefcase. Between going back and forth to work and weekend trips, I wanted to ditch the extra bag and just toss my computer in my backpack without worrying about it being bumped, scratched, or damaged.  I’ve been using the …

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Speck Products TechStyle-Puck 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle Case

Since when does the package need to resemble what is inside? I for one wouldn’t like fish-shaped sushi or a cow-shaped hamburger. So why do electronics cases have to be the same shape as the gadgets they protect? So when I saw that Speck made a toroid-shaped case for the Gen 2 iPod Shuffle, I thought it might be fun to give it a try.

Speck Products Active-Sport Armband for the iPod Nano

This is the second Nano sports armband review I’ve done. The first review was on the Nike Sport Armband which has done an excellent job holding my Nano during my running. That being said, my initial impression of the Speck Active-Sport armband for the first generation Nano was that it was too big and bulky. But after using it several weeks it has grown on me enough to replace my Nike armband. An added bonus of the Speck armband is that it includes a sensor pouch to hold the Nike+ sensor.

Marware Apple iPod nano Cases

Marware has been busy creating a whole slew of cases for the Apple iPod nano digital music player. I’m going to give you a peek at their 3 latest creations. A mussilicon cover, leather credit card wallet case and a sporty case that can be worn on your belt or arm. Sport Grip This silicon …

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WaterField Design Apple iPod nano Case

If you have purchased an Apple iPod nano, you know that it is almost impossible to avoid scratching this digital audio player. I speak from experience, as after having mine for only one day, the clear plastic layer covering the display had scuffs and the chrome back plate had thin scratches all over it. Being …

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WaterField iPod Gear Pouches (updated)

If you own an Apple iPod, chances are that you have also amassed a nice collection of iPod accessories to go along with the most popular digital music player on the planet. Things like an iTrip, iTalk, retractable sync / charge cables and extra earbuds are all useful items to have with you at all times, but …

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Case Closed Bags iPod Cases Review

Product Requirements:Device:Original and newer iPod models After Judie and I attended TECHXNY, we were able to count the interesting booths and products that we saw on just one hand. The Case Closed Bags booth happened to be included in that count. This company, which is female owned and operated, doesn’t sell products that are out …

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iSport iPod Waist Pack Review

Product Requirements:Device:All iPod models If you are an iPod owner that also happens to enjoy working out, biking, walking, or running, then you’re going to want to take a closer look at the product I’m about to review. The iSport iPod Pack fromSpeckProducts is an update on an old favorite: the waist pack (or as …

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WaterField iPod Case Review

My iPod was one of my more extravagant gadget purchases. This seemingly delicate device would be exposed to the risk of damage pretty much constantly. I would listen to audio books and ripped news programmes on the way to work, music while writing at work, music while walking from office to the sandwich bar … …

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Extreme Limit Cases for the Sony CLIÉ T615C Review

Product Requirements:Device:Sony CLIÉ T615C Extreme Limit Body Suit for CLIÉ T615C Horizontal Model I remember complaining a few scant months ago about a lack of cases for the T-Series CLIÉ models. I no longer have anything to whine about…at least, T-Series case-wise… Seems that every case manufacturer in the world was tooled up quickly for …

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Rhinoskin Molded EVA Foam Sportcase Review

Product Requirements:Device:PDAs of dimensions 5 1/4 x 3 1/4″ When I was at Fall Comdex 2001 I saw a new RhinoSkin case that practically had me salivating. A nice front flip up case that used elastic plastic rings to hold III-style devices in place, the Molded EVA Foam Sportcase was calling my name. Unfortunately it …

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Franklin Pocket Performance Sport Binder for the Palm m100 Series Review

Product Requirements:Device:Palm m100 series PDA When Franklin sent out their “Back to School” e-mail catalog last August, this binder was one of the objects that caught my attention, and I figured that I ought to take a closer look. For those of you that like to combine a paper binder with your PDA, this case …

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