iPod nano

When I read Larry’s recent review of the new 7th-gen iPod nano, I noticed he said he was very disappointed the new nano didn’t have a clip on the back.  While digging around on Amazon, I found a cute little case that protects the iPod and adds a clip to the back.  The MiniSuit JAZZ Slim… Read More

The iPod nano 6G may be dead to Apple, but that won’t stop companies from continuing to invent cool ways to transform it into more than just a small clip-on music player. We’ve seen watchbands galore, but digems will turn your nano into a digital necklace. A special bracket fastens under the nano’s clip to… Read More

In late 2012, Apple introduced its new line up of iPod devices, including the new 7th generation iPod nano. Having recently moved from a 1st generation nano to a 6th generation nano, I did not think I would have the opportunity or need for the new nano.  But when one of my other portable music devices failed, the… Read More

You’ve probably seen the update that Apple gave their iPod nano.  They added a lot – bigger screen, videos, Bluetooth – but they made the body bigger and took away the clip.  It’s too big to wear on a watchband now, and without a clip, you can’t attach it to your clothes, either.  HardCandy has… Read More

Pad & Quill, with their tasteful and elegant cases for iPad and iPhone have manufactured superior cases for electronic “i” devices. Hand constructed, well made and protective, Pad & Quill is at the top of their game. So I was surprised and, literally, delighted to see the Pad & Quill case for Apple’s Nano Mp3… Read More

What’s cuter than the latest-gen iPod nano? The Littlest Black Book Case for iPod nano from Pad & Quill, that’s what. Like its larger brother, The Little Black Book for iPhone, it has a cover made of Italian bonded leather, provides access to all controls and ports and is made in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U. S… Read More

The Apple iPod nano is a popular gadget not only because it makes a very portable music player, but because it can also replace your wrist watch by using any one of the many straps designed for it. Now those of you that want to go old school can turn your nano into a very… Read More

Sure.  There are a few bands on the market for the 6th gen iPod nano.  OK, more than a few.  Many are similar: colorful silicone or resin strap with a fun, sporty style, like the iWatchz Q Collection reviewed by Julie a few months back.    But if you’re after something a bit less sporty… Read More

Turning your 6th generation Apple iPod nano into a wristwatch is as simple as buying one of the many wrist band accessories that are currently available. The infuse watchband from Frontal Concepts is the second nano watchband I’ve had the opportunity to review. Let’s take a look. The infuse watchband is comprised of two main… Read More

You know how the latest generation iPod Nano is small enough to resemble the face of a watch?  Several manufacturers have noticed this too, but Hex Designs has developed probably the coolest looking and most functional iPod Nano watch band so far.  It’s a simple silicone band that is designed for the Nano to just… Read More

HandHeldItems is offering a premium silicone skin cover for the tiny new 6th-generation iPod nano.  These cases cover up the pretty metallic body of the new nano, but they protect it from scratches.  The clip and the connectors are left free; the power and volume buttons are covered by the silicone.  The cases are available… Read More

How are you going to carry Apple new iPod nano? Clipped to your shirt? Stowed in a pocket? How about around your wrist? Heck, how about just using it as a wristwatch? Incipio’s new Linq case turns the 6th generation nano music player into a watch. The Linq protects the nano with a polymer case… Read More

Today Apple announced 4 updated products. The iPod shuffle, AppleTV, iPod touch, and iPod nano. Of the bunch, the nano is the one that I want to try the most. I don’t need one, that’s for sure, but I can’t help but want one! It’s a matchboxed sized multi-touch music player. Who wouldn’t want one… Read More

The next piece in my work out puzzle was an armband for my iPod Nano. I still have a 3rd generation Nano so I needed one to fit that. It needed to support the Nike + iPod kit, fit my arm and deal well with sweat. I owned the Nike arm band for my old… Read More

Announced just today at Apple‘s 09/09/09 “music event”, the new iPod nano.  The newest nano appears to be the same size as the “4th Gen” nano, but with a larger screen and a polished aluminum finish.  It will also feature a camera that shoots still images and video and a microphone.  Also added is FM… Read More

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