Sure.  There are a few bands on the market for the 6th gen iPod nano.  OK, more than a few.  Many are similar: colorful silicone or resin strap with a fun, sporty style, like the iWatchz Q Collection reviewed by Julie a few months back.    But if you’re after something a bit less sporty… Read More

Today 4iConcepts is announcing 3 Apple related accessories. The one that caught my eye is the 4iTorq – a luxury watch band for the 6th generation iPod nano music player. Unlike the nano watch bands that we’ve been seeing up till this point, the 4iTorq is not made of silicone or similar materials. It has… Read More

The latest iPod Nano (6G) from Apple has prompted a slew of watch bands accessories. I don’t wear a watch any more, so even though I think the bands are nifty, I’d never wear the new nano on my wrist. But I just might wear it around my neck. Especially while working out or walking… Read More

I love it when people take a product and make it do things that it wasn’t originally intended to do. For example, take the latest Apple iPod nano. It’s a music player, but as soon as it came out, people started using it as a watch. I love it! One such company that is helping to make… Read More

A couple of days ago, Julie posted a news item about the NanoWatch silicone straps for the new iPod nano.  One of our readers – Mark Rosengarten – said he was holding out for a leather wrist strap.  A company called iLoveHandles has a black genuine leather band they call the Rock Band.  This strap… Read More

Danish company NanoWatch wants you to wear the new nano on your wrist. They have designed a silicone strap with a special notch that the nano can easily clip on, turning it into a wristwatch. Available in 6 colors that match the color range of the new nano, the NanoWatch is available for € 18.00… Read More

Burton Technologies, LLC introduces the new Acoustiglove silicone case for the iPod Nano 4G and 5G. It features special ports for neatly stowing earbuds and earphone wires. It will be available in early 2010 for $19.99… Read More