iWatchz Nanoclipz iPod nano Watch Band Review

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I love it when people take a product and make it do things that it wasn’t originally intended to do. For example, take the latest Apple iPod nano. It’s a music player, but as soon as it came out, people started using it as a watch. I love it! One such company that is helping to make the nano watch a reality is iWatchz with their Nanoclipz watch bands.

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Available in 8 colors, the Nanoclipz is a solid silicone strap with a special clip for the 6th generation iPod nano to attach to.

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A brushed metal buckle keeps the ‘watch’ on your wrist.

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The clip is specially designed to allow the nano to slide on easily and remain securely attached while being worn on your wrist.

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All you have to do is pinch open the clip on the back of the nano and slide it thru the slot on the Nanoclipz till it snaps in place.

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When attached, you still have unrestricted access to all the buttons…

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and ports.

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You won’t have to worry that the nano will slide off accidently while attached to the Nanoclipz. The only way to remove it is to manually pinch the nano clip and slide it back off.

The only problem I noticed with this product is that the plastic clip that holds the nano sticks out a bit on the right side. You can see this in the image above. Apparently the slot on the sample clip isn’t lined up perfectly. I didn’t have this problem with the Black band. It’s not a huge deal and would probably not be noticed by most people.

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The Nanoclipz band makes your iPod nano look and feel just like a wrist watch. It feels as comfortable to wear as a normal watch although it is a bit large and might look better on a wrist larger than mine. That said, the band does fit me! 🙂

If you want to wear your new iPod nano on your wrist, the iWatchz Nanoclipz will do the job quite nicely. It can be purchased through the iWatchz site or at your favorite Apple store.


Product Information

  • iPod nano 6G
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Secure
  • None

13 thoughts on “iWatchz Nanoclipz iPod nano Watch Band Review”

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  2. Interesting. You did a good job covering the band, but how is the Nano as a watch? Battery life? What do you have to do to see the time? I’m guessing it does not display the clock without a button push of some kind?

    1. @Todd this review wasn’t meant to cover the nano itself. 🙂 I’ve not had / used the nano long enough yet to comment on battery life. Yes, you have to press a button to view the watch face.

  3. I looked at the Australian one. It has a little piece that I would fear losing. Just one non-moving part is the best design, as in the iwatchz thing. As for those who fear the nano watch; quite the opposite, people who never wear a watch anymore will start wearing this one. Partly because the nano is the only free radio device out there, partly because it serves as a flashlight when you’re trying to put a key in the door, partly because it has that pedometer thing, partly because …. well, you get the picture. Just needs a little solar watchband.

  4. It’s $25.00 in the US and $30.00 in Canada. Either way it’s way too expensive for a plastic band that costs no more than two cents to make. Thanks for the idea. I’ll make a free strap out of scotch tape, rubber bands and glue.

  5. @Mike, expensive at $25??? Are you joking? Anyway good luck with making your own out of scotch tape, rubber bands and glue. I’m sure it will be a perfect compliment to the device designed by some of the best designers, now add up cost of all your materials and minus an hours pay (time to make band) from what you earn. Unless you don’t actually work and are homeless then I’d say build it, I’d also question why then you would have a nano.

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