nohands – A Mounting System for Most Small Electronics

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nohands mounting systemYou’ve seen those sticky, non-slip pads that you use to keep small gadgets from sliding off your car dash, right?  This nohands mounting system remind me of those non-slip pads, but it is designed to actually mount your small devices – iPhones, iPod touch, and devices of similar size – to a wall or other vertical surface.  If you use your iPhone or iPod touch to watch movies, you can use the nohands to mount it to a surface instead of holding it, or you could mount the iPhone in the car for use as a navigation system.  The nohands consists of a sticky black pad sandwiched in a plastic storage case to keep the sticky pad clean.  (When the nohands sticky pad gets dirty and less sticky, you can just wash it off to revive it.)  The plastic case comes in pink, blue, or green, and it attaches to your keyring to keep the nohands always at hand.  The nohands system is hand-made in the UK and costs £11.50 (roughly $18.00) which includes internation shipping.

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  2. Hi Albert, This product leaves no sticky residue and is made of a polymer that just allows you to wash it to make it sticky again!

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