You Ask, We Find – Leather “Watch” Band for iPod nano (6th gen)

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A couple of days ago, Julie posted a news item about the NanoWatch silicone straps for the new iPod nano.  One of our readers – Mark Rosengarten – said he was holding out for a leather wrist strap.  A company called iLoveHandles has a black genuine leather band they call the Rock Band.  This strap has a notch in it to accomodate the nano’s clip to allow the nano to sit centered on the band.  The Rock Band strap for nano is $19.95.

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14 thoughts on “You Ask, We Find – Leather “Watch” Band for iPod nano (6th gen)”

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  2. I like the idea… nifty way to carry the device.
    However, I can’t get past the thought of having my ears connected to my wrist by a cord… Wouldn’t you end up pulling the earbuds out when you moved around?

  3. I like the idea of this but I’m really anxious to see where this concept can go style-wise. The plain band is a little, well, plain, but the silicon straps are a bit too Swatch-y.

  4. @Julie Thanks! I have actually had people ask me to track down things for them because I don’t give up until I find whatever I’m looking for!

    @Rob O. I think it would be nice if they offered the leather band in colors. Although this black band would be pretty with the red nano showing the black face.

    @Gabe It’s too bad the nano doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth. I was searching for Bluetooth adapters for iPods, and I found someone named xraytech who said he was using a RocketFish BT adapter with some BT headphones with success. It looks a little clunky, but you’d only have to plug it in while you are listening to music, and it’s better than a long cord dangling from your ear to your wrist. You can even see a picture of it here:

  5. I have some great Sony Bluetooth headphones (DR-BT21IK) that came with a Bluetooth transmitter that worked great with my old iPod Mini and 2nd gen Nano. I suspect that it would also work with this new 6th gen Nano. It’s considerably narrower than the Rocketfish, although a bit longer.

  6. Oh, great. Now I have to spend money! 🙂

    Just got a brand-new condition Gateway 2000 Handbook 486 today from a hobbyist on eBay. It’s interesting to play with Windows 3.11 again after fifteen years! It cost as much as a Nano, but it came with absolutely everything, and everything was in perfect condition.

  7. I have a few different colors in the nylon watch bands by -I don’t wear leather, and I love color, so these were the best choice for me. To address a few comments – I wear my earbuds and bose headphones while wearing the watch and they both have enough give that it doesn’t feel awkward. I love wearing the nano as a watch while being able to use all of it’s other features (music, photos, pedometer!)

  8. I’d sacrifice half the battery life for bluetooth….but Apple will never put that in like the other manufacturers do. Anything to get a dangly coord off my wrist. Cool toy though.

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