Will the new iPod nano revive interest in wristwatches?

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nanowatchDanish company NanoWatch wants you to wear the new nano on your wrist. They have designed a silicone strap with a special notch that the nano can easily clip on, turning it into a wristwatch. Available in 6 colors that match the color range of the new nano, the NanoWatch is available for € 18.00 for one, or € 60.00 for all 6.

6 thoughts on “Will the new iPod nano revive interest in wristwatches?”

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  2. I am waiting for a leather wrist strap to become available for this purpose. I almost bought a new Nano this weekend but decided to hold onto my pennies a while longer. I’d rather spend the dough on upgrading my Droid to the Droid 2 in November.

  3. Outside of the itms access, i am unsure how this is different from any mp3/mp4 wristwatch that one can get from dealextreme, brando or chinavasion.

  4. I have seen a few of these so called iPod Nano watches, but this is by far the coolest. I like that they do it in eco-friendly material, but it might just me my “californian” point of view. I actually just pre-ordered one, can’t wait receiving it!

    1. @Jim I didn’t mention the eco-friendly feature because it seems odd that a synthetic material is considered eco friendly. Maybe I’m just not knowledgable enough on the subject. But it seems that creating a product out of a bunch of chemicals would actually be LESS eco friendly. I wonder what nasty by-products silicone produces?

  5. Regarding the matter of the eco friendly material that we use.

    The grade of silicone rubber that we use is the same grade that is used when producing breast implants and baby bottle teats due to their cleanliness, aesthetic appearance, and low extractable content.

    Furtherer, silicones are also used in some shaving products and personal lubricants. Silicone is also the material of choice for soft adult toys, due to its durability, cleanability and lack of phthalates and other toxins. Resulting in a more eco-friendly product than using regular rubber material.

    I hope that this answers some questions, feel free to ask if any other questions.

    Frederik Hvorslev

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